Tinder might be one of the world’s best dating apps, but does it have the potential to help you find positive FWB relationships?

The most common reason why people seek out a friends with benefits relationship is for intimate moments with a person they know and trust. Having fun with a complete stranger presents a host of challenging issues, including the potential for infections or disease transmission.

Tinder seems like it would be perfect for that situation, but most people walk away from their attempts at forming an FWB relationship feeling disappointed.

A friends with benefits relationship requires both parties to be upfront and honest about their expectations for a connection. The design of Tinder limits that possibility. Even if you are the one initiating the conversation, your matches might be thinking a one night stand is their preferred option.

Here are some additional reasons why trying to find an FWB is challenging when Tinder is your primary forum.

  1. Most conversations die on Tinder after a comment or two.

When you receive an initial message from someone on Tinder, there’s an excellent chance that they’re using a pickup line taken from Reddit or social media. There is zero authenticity in the effort to reach out, which is why establishing the conversation to have an FWB relationship is such a challenge. Even if you’re the one making the first contact, asking someone about this approach can cause them to ghost you quickly.

  1. Many people are looking for a more serious relationship.

Tinder might have a reputation for being a hookup app, but there are also plenty of people on there who want a long-term relationship. Several dating sites are either too expensive or want too much information when trying to meet someone new. That makes someone feel uncomfortable, so they turn to where most people are for dating. You won’t get an FWB opportunity if someone wants to get serious.

  1. There are privacy concerns to think about with Tinder.

You may want an FWB relationship without the entire world knowing about it. When you join Tinder, then you need to have a Facebook account to establish your profile. That means if the app gets hacked, so does your personal information. Security flaws dating back to 2012 have exposed the exact locations of users, profile selfies, and unwanted profile contacts.

  1. It sets the stage for compulsive use.

The average person spends 35 minutes each day trying to find matches on Tinder or updating their profile. It creates moments of ego satisfaction because you’re finding out who might like you or vice-versa. When you combine this time with the 45 minutes on Facebook that people spend, you’re losing a lot of the free time in your day to meet people in real life.

  1. You might go through everyone without a match.

If you join Tinder using the basic plan, then you are given a limited number of swipes to use. That means you could go through everyone local without finding a face you like for a potential FWB relationship. There are so many choices on this app that about 1 in 10 people in the 18-24 age demographic say that it’s a challenge to maintain the connections they’re able to create.

  1. It is based on appearance only.

Tinder is the ultimate hot-or-not swiping mechanism. If you find someone to be attractive, then that becomes the first foundation for a matchmaking experience. This structure makes it a temptation for people to create false profiles and identities to encourage more matches. You must be extremely careful on your first date with someone to ensure they are who you think they are.

Is There a Better Way?

Having a Tinder profile can help you to find an FWB relationship in time. You might even get lucky and find someone you can trust right away.

Most people find that it is easier to locate someone who wants a friends with benefits relationship on a platform specifically designed for that purpose. That’s why FWB Tinder is a better choice.

You will connect with people who are already looking to find someone for intimate moments with a person they know and trust. It is an opportunity to build a relationship without the connections of a serious commitment.

Some people might also turn their FWB relationship into something serious if they want. You get to be in control of the connections you form.

If you have struggled to find people on Tinder, then try a different approach. It might be the best way to meet your current and future needs.

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