There are two very distinct types of future life progression: one that stretches into the far future, into our next existences, and one that explores the more limited (and closer) future in this life.

A word of warning here: the future is only an endless number of possibilities. Every day and every minute we take decisions and make choices, the large part of which are unconscious. For example we choose to breathe in a certain way rather than another and this affects both our physiology and our psychological mood. We might decide to have a cup of tea or we might not. We can decide to call an old friend we haven’t heard from for ages, or we might just carry on with our routine. We might decide to change job and relocate to another town, or another country, or we might decide to remain in our present position and change nothing. We might decide to get married or we might decide to leave our partner or remain single. We know that some of our choices will bear long-lasting consequences and we are aware that the rest of our life will depend on that specific choice. But others are quite trivial and some even bypass our conscious mind. The fact is that there is no such thing as a trivial choice. Potentially at least they are all life-changing. We might opt for the cup of tea in the end, go into the kitchen, slip or stumble and break our back, remaining paralysed for the rest of our life. Or we can decide to stay where we are, the ceiling falls on our head and we are killed on the spot: we simply cannot know. Even leaving aside such catastrophic endings, the truth is that we meet forks on our path all the time.

Future Life Progression in this life is something that can provide invaluable, tangible help. A technique that I particularly value is the Alternative Outcome Technique. In the end we take our chances and we don’t bother about the implications of having or not having a cup of tea, but there are situations that amaze us with their enormous significance and gravity, and the more we feel their importance, the more difficult it becomes to take a decision, to look at the situation with a clear and calm mind: we feel paralysed. The Alternative Outcome Technique is there to assist us in this compelling and sometimes difficult choice. With a guided meditation, while in deep hypnosis, with easy access to the great richness and wisdom of our Subconscious we can explore the consequences of the different options we are facing. In this way we shall be able to see behind the immediate situation and appreciate and weigh up the long-term implications of our choice.

At first sight it may appear futile to progress to a very distant future, centuries and millennia ahead, because we are confronted with too many choices, personally and collectively as a species, and what we see is anyway only one out of billions of possibilities of universal interacting. A progression to a distant future life can appear to us like a SciFi film, with the only difference that we are the main character in it and it can be great fun in itself. But there is more than that to it: there can be great spiritual lessons to be learnt. We incarnate in order to learn lessons and sometimes it can take us many lives to learn a single lesson. This is why, when we revise past lives, we find some leit-motiven stretching like bridges from one life to another up to our present one. Learning is never easy and the lesson we are learning in this life is likely to be something we are carrying on from the past and we might be struggling with it because of our stubbornness and inability to detach from the old, familiar patterns. Like the progression in this life that allows us to see the ultimate consequences of a choice, a future life progression will show us the ultimate consequences of our present narrow-mindedness and stubbornness. It will show us struggling again and again with the same problem, from different angles, and it will show us how much more suffering may await us until we let go of the old, limiting ideas. This will bring instant awareness to us now, and will lead us to drastic changes in this life, hic et nunc, here and now. These changes will then ripple into the future bringing healing with them and making any further learning and painful struggle in that direction superfluous. The result will be an incredible acceleration on our spiritual path. People who have repeated a future progression after they have become aware of their present limiting ideas and let them go, see completely different scenarios, much brighter and more positive. Linear time exists only in our physical perception: if we accept that only the present exists, healing can be done at any time and spreads in all directions.

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I have a solid academic background with more than 20 scholarly publications to my credit and many articles on Hypnotherapy, Spirituality and Healing. I have nearly 40 years’ experience in helping teenagers and adults to improve their lives and solve their problems (gained teaching in Colleges and in Adult Education in several different countries), which I combine with the expertise I have obtained from my lifelong studies of Reincarnation and Spirituality.

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