E-commerce has bloomed over years and is one of the fastest-growing domains in the online world. Though it took some time for this to be accepted by the end users, today the majority of the people love to shop online. Over the years, people tend to have started trusting eCommerce for all their shopping needs.

In India, people prefer shopping online these days rather than having to visit the physical store. The payment features that are smart and secure as well as the cash on delivery (COD), which makes payment, even more, safer with hassle-free shipping, easy returns and reach out.

Reasons why eCommerce grows day by day

Rising majority of Internet users:
With more than 100 million Internet users, the country is beginning to achieve a significant majority of users who are familiar with web services. Over the past few years, relatively advanced online services like travel, cab facility, food delivery have started turning these initial Web users into Web consumers that have dominated Indian e-commerce.

Rising middle class with disposable income:
With the rise of small and medium enterprises, foreign direct investment, and India’s own powerful multinational corporations creating millions of new jobs, a new generation of globally-minded Indian consumers has been created.

User Experience:
The number of e-commerce businesses has grown, businesses have started to place more emphasis on investing in the user experience. Best practices that have driven e-commerce globally are now a key focus of successful Internet companies, including marketing, customer service, user interface design, and assured delivery & return policy.

This growth in online shopping trend is triggered by factors, including time and effort. Online stores have amazing discounts than offline stores – another interesting reason that attracts users.

E-commerce Is Here To Stay!
Here we are discussing the scope, existence, and future of eCommerce businesses.

Social Media: Majority of online shopping decisions are now made on Social Media channels. Social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc have become a medium for easy log-in and purchase. Customers can stay updated with the latest products and services through the posts published on these social networks. The advertising & promotions on these social sites have increased the chances of success in generating more revenue.

Drone Delivery: Companies have been working their way around to innovate the delivery process to shorten human effort as well as time. The answer to these problems is Delivery by Drones. DGCA is now fast-tracking the process of issuing guidelines for the use of drones for civil purposes in India. If everything goes as per the plan, then India might become the first country in the world to allow the use of drones for civil purposes.

App only Approach: Statistics suggest the future of the internet lies in mobiles. Experts say 70-80% of internet users will access the Web on mobile phones. This will cause all major players to switch to eCommerce development on mobile apps. App-only approach assumes larger significance in those places where most people don’t own desktop computers and have limited access to broadband.

Google’s Buy Now Button: Google's “Buy Now” style button that would allow e-shoppers search for products on Google and purchase them with a single click, right through Google’s own search results page. The button will be displayed near sponsored search results. When users click on Google’s “Buy Now” button, they will be re-directed to another Google page that will allow them to choose specific item details. Google would then pass on order information to the retailer.

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