A predictive dialer is a telephone system that automatically dials a list of telephone numbers in a particular sequence (the list has to be uploaded to the predictive dialer software), filtering out unanswered calls, busy tones, answering machines and disconnected numbers while predicting availability of agents to handle the next call. Predictive dialers are commonly used in organizations that rely on large number of outbound calls for their operations eg. Telemarketers, collection agencies, survey organizations etc.

predictive dialer software were an upgrade on automatic dialer and should not to be confused with an automatic dialer, a predictive dialer is programmed to predict when an agent is available to pick up a call. Predictive dialers also calculates key parameters like count of available agents, available lines, AHT and other factors to pace outbound calls accordingly. This measurement system provide key statistics to managers enabling them to deliver a high level of efficiency in call centers.

Though predictive dialer software remains efficient, however one does wonder what’s next? Can this be improved further?

The answer lies in identifying the current set of challenges with the existing technology. Few challenges that we can think of are:

  • Avoid calling people on DNC list
  • Call abandonment – Few countries attract penalties for call abandoned after certain threshold
  • Low contact rates
  • Designed only for outbound campaigns
  • Lack of multichannel capabilities

Let’s look at few upgrades that we can expect to predictive dialer technology:

  • Blended Campaigns: Predictive dialers only run outbound campaigns and companies have to invest in different infrastructure to run inbound and outbound campaigns. A blended automated dialer will substantially increase the efficiency and lower the cost of operations as well.
  • Predictive Analytics: Use the power of data analytics to identify key success indicators like calling customer as per time zone, identifying the right product to pitch to the customer etc. Automatic voicemail drop and email templates enable sales reps to move from one prospect to the next without spending time manually logging calls or leaving voicemails.
  • Automatic follow up: Studies have shown that most organizations drops the prospect within 5-6 attempts. However, if follow up is done between 6 to 12 times the contact ratio increases by 90%. Another studies have shown that if agent responds to prospects queries within 5 min of call; the probability of prospect answering the call is 100x and 21x more likely to be qualified.
  • Performance Measurement: Future predictive dialer software shall provide detailed reporting enabling managers to assess the performance of reps real time and accordingly take key decisions. This will ensure that best agents attend best calls and increase productivity.
  • Multichannel capability: Predictive dialers should have capabilities to lookup directories and social media sites to connect with the prospect through social media or internet. Failed list should then be consolidated and sent to marketing team to engage prospects through other channels.
  • Category Subscription: One of the main reason customers subscribe to DNC list is because of unnecessary/irrelevant sales calls received by them. Why not publish categories and let customer decide which calls to receive basis his/her requirement at that point in time? For eg if someone is looking to buy a house he should have an option to subscribe to real estate calls and once the transaction is over he can opt out of it. Predictive dialer here can perform a database check before making a call and save resources on making the call.
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