Chudovo has researched how people are using e-commerce and other digital tools during the coronavirus crisis. We also tried to predict the most likely future of e-commerce. In this way, our progressive team managed to prepare some valuable advice for designing your online shop.

Our research has shown that more than half of the respondents now shop online more often. One of the four people in Germany claimed that they shop online at least once a week. The number of online shoppers is higher than the number of classic shoppers.

About 2500 people took part in a survey. Over 1000 consumers are going to continue shopping online after the pandemic.
“Even after the end of the severe Corona-related restrictions, the demand for everyday goods in e-commerce remained increased in the second quarter of 2020, that suggests a positive growth forecast for this segment”, said the association.

To sum up, we can say that shopping behavior should change in the future due to positive shopping experiences during the coronavirus

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