From material nature standpoint man is a weak animal. Just like other creatures feed their tummies, procreate and enjoy good bad consequences of various situations man too is born, becomes young and ultimately dies in old age. Such level of people can be called human beasts. They have no goal in life, no ideal, no responsibility and leads life as per his whims and fancies. Ultimately like other creatures he too dies. Amongst the world population half of them are of this stature.

A very little portion of the attraction in the life of animal men is their selfish interest. They make efforts merely to fulfill their personal desires, satisfying their aspirations and overcoming any lack. Those who do not have even this attraction make efforts only due to fear of hunger, lack, punishment, lack of help, censure etc. If all this were not there they would conveniently lead lives of inertia and indolence. We must accept that those who live such lives have done great harm to themselves.

When this selfishness reaches depths of arrogance, unruliness, vileness and attacking nature and insists on shamelessly fanning his ego and benefitting by harassing others one must perforce call him a human ghost. Ordinarily murderers, butchers, anarchists, hoodlums, vile people are called human ghosts. But today they behave in such a manner that they do not visibly act vilely, do not get caught by law and attract censure from society. Externally they wear the garb of gentlemanliness but within they are very wily and cunning in nature. As a result, so many get destroyed. Externally for example people involved in manufacturing, advertising its usage and making a business of drugs/intoxicants etc appear very straightforward but their intellect, wealth and effort destroys the financial, ethical and bodily states of so many that if all this is analyzed it will become clear that millions of people take up vile activities and thus destroy world society. Such examples are present both at the individual and group level wherein it is clear that if selfishness reigns how terrible can be the results. Robbery, pick pocketing are now ancient methods restricted to the uneducated class. Educated people have unearthed such ways that although it is actually looting, cheating yet that nobody senses it actually happening. Bribes are now very common. Mixing the original with artificial is not looked down upon but is labeled ‘business acumen’. Externally one cannot gauge to what extent people have become listless, selfish, distrusting and shameless but if their married lives, family affection and experiences of related people are analyzed we will realize that in their so called purity lies sinful living. If not human ghosts what else can we call them?

In laymen the belief of who are demons and demigods is very sketchy and deluded. They believe that demons have black face teeth are like canine’s and like beasts have horns. They say that demigods are white skinned, they are joyous, live in heaven and run to help their devotees. This is a symbolic description. There is no possibility of finding such creatures in interstellar space based worlds. On this earth too neither now or in ancient times such beings were found. On the basis of man’s inner arrangements this symbolic depiction of demons and demigods is made. Face is black meaning they are full of vices, ill fame and live a demeaned life. Big teeth mean eating more and immersing in sense merriment. Horns mean behaving vilely with others and harassing, oppressing them. If someone has these taints that person is a demon even if he/she is white skinned and good looking. Demigods are those who are generous, self controlled and love serving others humbly. Demigods are always worshiped and eulogized. Due to their loving service the strife and pain of so many people is warded off. A man of self introspection can thus find out on this basis whether he/she is a demon or demigod. How much of their time, effort, wealth and thinking is used for selfish gains and how much for world welfare? All this must be gauged by our self because no one else knows your true character. It is our inner personality that makes us a demon or demigod and we can then conclude whether we will be crushed under the weight of punishment meted out by Mahakal during times of era transformation or that by becoming his true aides gain victory so as to get glory.

Whenever human animals and ghosts will predominate in this world, hardships will reign and infinite strife will have to be faced. When this augmenting will reach worry like levels a danger of total destruction of this world so loved by God will usher in. To overcome this God has to intervene and take an Avatar. This has been clarified by Lord Krishna in the Bhagwad Gita: Whenever righteousness is attacked and unrighteousness takes over at that time to protect saintliness and uproot vileness I manifest in this world.

It is not lone effort but that a class of people is required to overcome lack of ethics and criminality. Hence under such dire situations always such a class remains alert which in spiritual terminology are called divine personages or human gods or generally are called great men, crest jewels etc. Generally this class of people always exists. Earth never has lack of spiritual seers, gentlemanly people and devotees of God and yet due to flooding of demonic activities they appear submerged. Just as in hot summer grass blades get burnt in the same way due to lack of encouragement divine activities dry up but whenever Mahakal blows his bugle for a balancing act those very unconscious, withered divine men like grass becoming green due to dew drops again awaken and faithfully show their prowess.

In order to control the rise of demonic behavior time and again divinity has to become active and fight hard. In mythological tales this is depicted everywhere. In 18 Puranas and 18 sub Puranas these tales can be found. Within the realm of wiliness and shrewdness demons flourish yet it is demigods that get God’s help and they gain victory as a result. In every page of history demonic behavior gets wiped off. Vileness procures lots of means via cunningness hence the laymen dare not oppose their terror tactics. Yet this situation does not last long. God in order to ward of imbalance in this work awaken demigod like men imbue them with life force and by and by ordinary looking men play a great role. Despair transforms into the light of hope. In these days this is exactly what is going to happen. In the important chain of events of demon-demigod battle one more chain is going to be added. In the near future such a storm will arise wherein the impossibility seen today of demons being uprooted and demigods gaining victory will be a full blown possibility in the future’s transformed circumstances.

Even human beasts are looked upon as demons because they walk on the unethical path. Human life possesses some rights and some duties. Humanity gets tainted when man like beasts lives merely to fill his tummy, procreate etc. Due to lack of control every step towards beastliness results in hardships. Thus this class of humans is also burdensome for earth.

Human ghosts and human beasts constitute the class of demons and they are responsible for all kinds of dangers in the world. Just as the Harijan class takes up the pious responsibility of sweeping the city in the same way the demigod class takes up the onus of warding off distortions and strife created by demons. No doubt they always do this but if they fail to do it sins accrue else in 10-20 years this world would become unfit to live in. But this cleansing has to be done at a war footing level when there is a danger of epidemics of swine flu, malaria, cholera etc spreading in the city, village etc. In fact in such times the cleansing has to be 2 fold or 4 fold. No doubt soldiers are generally alert but when there is danger of war, army personnel especially in the border regions become more circumspect. Today a greater danger than epidemics or war will be faced by world humanity. Chaos is noted in every nook and corner of the world because of demonic thinking. The responsibility of overcoming this unwanted state lies on the shoulders of the divine class. This is what is happening right since time immemorial. In order to ward of demonic activities demigods’ class must battle it out. This is why battles between demons and demigods have taken place. Thus demigods have always gained God’s protection as per the Lord’s proclamation: Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritan. This will again take place for all to see.

Demonic activities augment when divine men become weak. Night always comes when day ends. Where there is light how can darkness manifest? Similarly the waves of idealistic greatness rise in the deep recesses of man’s psyche demonic behavior has no chance to attack the world. Beastly nature thus cannot raise its hood. An atmosphere is generated via nourishing of divinity wherein demonic tendencies get uprooted. Over here agitating times too manifest. The legs of an ant manifest at death and at that time when it tries arrogantly to douse a flame lamp it dies. Even so when divine elements augment, demonic forces also augment and yet in a short while because of their vile intentions latter have to lick defeat. Awakening of divinity along with its nourishing is that type of getting ready wherein the present day demonic darkness is warded off. Via nourished divinity that widespread influence will be noted where people on realizing the bad reactions of ghost like behavior/thinking will dare to renounce irrationality and tainted actions. Augmented divinity shall cleanse taints and dirt of the world human psyche and thus today’s hell like world will become heavenly.

In future the battle between demigods and demons will definitely take place wherein instead of man fighting man both demonic and divine activities will fight hard to get established in the entire world. A battle will go on wherein demons will try to act unwholesomely and divinity will try to usher in heavenly acts throughout the world. As a result when divine thinking will win the battle those situations will manifest in which every individual will aspire for justice, freedom, zest, means and contentment.

Demonic behavior has reached its peak today. Divinity is latent and sleeping. What is required is that divinity awakens, congregates only then God’s mission can be fulfilled. Those divine souls who have awakened their divinity will have the capacity to hear their inner voice asking them to perform their prime duty and yet today this voice is so soft that more encouragement is needed. Within the campaign of Yug Nirman Yojana this is what is being done.

We must hope that we will see that very day with our own eyes in this very life when divine men giving up all selfishness will work like historical great men for world well being and will ward of beastly and ghostlike taints present in world human psyche. Unethical acts will stop and everyone will experience an atmosphere of love, magnanimity, goodwill, cooperation, justice, zest, comfort and gentlemanliness.

The onus lies with the divine class to usher in such an era. They must awaken, they must congregate and they must assiduously work against lack of discrimination. The more swiftly they shoulder this responsibility, the quicker will we see the golden dawn of a new era and thus get glorified.

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