Designed mainly for touch screen mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, Android has gradually become one of the most popular and highly preferred operating systems. Moreover it has inspired a heap of software developers all around the globe. Because of its growing popularity, it is very important for the mobile app developers to comprehend the app development process on Android OS platform. People generally hire an app development company that consists of skilled and professional designers for the development purpose in Android platform, this is one of the reasons that in today's time the demand of Android mobile apps has seen a great rise.

Below mentioned are some fundamentals of Android app development and some tips as well for your guidance to start the development process on Android platform.

Java programming is the only language used for writing Android mobile application; resource files and data assembled in the Android package are kept under a file that has an .apk suffix: Android SDK tools used to assemble the code while the development process, all these files are used by all the mobile devices (running the Android OS to install Android apps) at the end.
All the Android mobile apps run in Linux processes (which is by default) and this is one of the main reasons that Android is considered to be one of the highly secured OS platforms for mobile app development.
Android being an open platform makes it easy for the developers carry out productive and effective application distribution.With the help of a USB cable or Android market services, Android apps can be easily installed in a mobile device, which is not possible in any other major OS platform. Moreover, Google, the search engine giant, also does not pose any restrictions on the Android market. Its distribution structure costs an affordable fee of $25; after registering with it, the revenue acquired from the Android market by selling the apps is split into 70/30 from which the larger part goes to the carriers and rest goes to Google as the distribution cost.
Android guides you at every level. The only thing a mobile application developer need to do to upload the release of an Android app is to log into the Android market and upload it. All the apps that are uploaded in the Android market clearly states the features that are required by a mobile device to install and run the app successfully.

Since Android came into existence in the year 2007, it has designed some of the most amazing , popular and unique apps which covers almost all the categories like entertainment, games, travel, weather, business and many more. This is the reason why today it has become the highly preferred operating system.

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