Working on the front desk of a hotel brings up lots of challenges. Up-selling is a vital part of working on the front desk of a hotel. When you are new to sales or the front desk, things get more challenging. Today we will discuss a few efficient ways to approach up-selling and cross-selling while working in a hotel’s front desk.

Are you eligible for the hotel industry?

Before discussing any further, let’s assure you that you have the eligibility of being a front desk executive, to begin with. You have obtained a degree from a reputed hotel management college after your boards. And let’s assume you have chosen the role of a front-desk executive to experience all the glory of a hotel receptionist’s job. Now the question is are you ready for all the tasks and challenges?

Why is up-selling a crucial part of the front desk job?

It’s done to double the business revenue. In most of the hotels, the premium or deluxe rooms are typically those last reserved. Mostly, your visitors look forward to getting a good deal on their booking and ignore expensive rooms during the reservation procedure. Simultaneously, based on how the hotel is organized, 90% of its gross profit is based on the reserved rooms.

Many lodgings, especially those with higher rates, go un-booked, and stay void on an average day. So this can majorly affect Gross Operating Profit. That is the reason why up-selling is so significant!

Few mistakes to avoid when you are new to the upselling thing:

Well, that’s a profound question, to begin with. Often, newbies strive to upsell when there is too much pressure for a sale. In other words, you focus more on company goals rather than improving your guests’ experience.
In short, upselling needs to be irresistible. Ideally, a customer should feel like upselling suggestions are coming up organically because these suggestions will genuinely benefit him/her. Keep in mind that your guests respond best to upselling which is carried out of great service and great customer experience. Your offer must not pressurize them to spend more money.

Being a great salesperson requires you to have lots of different attitudes. Surely the best hotel management institute in Dehradun, which you attended, taught you all the required skills. However, the most important quality is open-mindedness and enthusiasm to learn new things.
In short, being a front desk staff, you have more time to interact with people during check-in times. Make the most of your time and research on multiple ways to enhance your upselling skills.

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