Forget about those diet fads, it's time to get to know the latest craze.
Perhaps, what I am about to tell you might give you a surprise.

About a year ago, I used to gain too much weight. Can I put the blame on my job? I work late night shifts. And when I am up, there is nothing you could think about, but eat, just to keep you awake and alive while in the office. Late night eating and not getting enough sleep makes a good combination to store extra pounds in your body. Not to mention, a job that keeps you seated for the entire shift can be one of the reasons I was gaining weight. It's not doing me any good. Since then, the jiggles just keep going. I was having a hard time to lose weight. I was having the most difficult time to keep my head high as my confidence loses. It felt like it was consumed by the extra fat. Whenever I felt down, Milo (I meant my furbaby) kept me company (during those times when my husband is not around). That was the start of our journey together. A journey to a transformation.

Paws for a Minute
Other than dogs are considered as man's best friend, they can also be your best workout partners, would you agree? Losing weight was actually part of the plan. One evening, coming home from work, my Corgi mixed breed, was my distressing tool. Taking him for a walk around the neighborhood made me come to thinking. This can be fun! The next day came, and we just had our good times together.

I call it, “The Dog Diet”.

At some point, looking at your pet can bring you to a reality check. I am talking about my dog's lifestyle. I know they don't get up from bed, work, buy food from the grocery, cook, do the laundry, and clean your home, only humans can do that. But looking at my pet eating and enjoying his mealtime made me realize that if animals can enjoy with their kind of lifestyle, then humans can too.

Doggie Bowl
Unlike other species, dogs can survive even with just having enough water for 3 days (exactly just as how humans are). In fact, they can only eat an amount of food in their food bowl and that's it. Humans take control. This simply means, I had to consider on cutting the amount of food intake. Not to mention, eating healthy was my goal. One helping is enough.

What's Your Exercise Equipment?
Our late night walks have become regular. Not only that, taking him to the park and playing with him had greatly helped me lose those jiggle in the middle. I have done other ways to lose these flab, but never had I found something that has improved the results. There are times when weight control programs deprive you from your most loved activities. Well, this is it! When it comes to leg exercise, dogs are the experts (knowing that they have 4 legs in total).

I would like to share my little secret. Maybe a couple of these things can help you cross the path and lead you to your journey to transformation.

5 Ways to Stay Fit with Your Dog (regardless of breed and size):

1. One bowl is enough for a wise man. If your pet can finish a single serving, then so can you.
2. Take a Walk. Take your dog for a walk. His company will always be special. Again, they're not just your best friend, they're your workout partners as well.
3. Keep an active lifestyle. Play and enjoy each day. Ditch those worries away. They will only make you look old.
4. Eat healthy, period.
5. Get up and move it!

Scale Check: I've lost 20 pounds in a span of 2 months.

Author's Bio: 

Christine is one of the editors in She finds joy in interacting with people of different walks of life. Staying in the realm of internet made her learn only one lesson – to live one day at a time. Today may be a battle and struggle, but tomorrow will be a new day ahead. She enjoys playing with her 2 year old Corgi mixed – Milo. Each day is an adventure her husband and her mutt are taking.