Cannabis affects our mind as well as our body. People who consume this feel high because THC present in cannabis release in our blood and release dopamine. After consuming it, people do different type of activities. If you smoke weed, affect of THC remain in your body till three hours and when you eat and drink it remains for many hours.

If you are both beginner and daily consumer the best fun things to do while high are listening music, reading books, take a walk, hot bath, eat food, bar and do creative things which you can do while high.

  1. Listening music: It is entirely different feeling when you hear songs. Use your headphone and it seems magical, adventures and different as compare to normal.
  2. Reading books: While reading books go to depth of the story and it feels like the story play in front of our eyes.
  3. Go for walk: Take a walk, see and imagine the surroundings. Take fresh air in your lungs. Many of idea come with stoned walk.
  4. Hot bath: Take hot bath as compare to normal will give you extra recreation
  5. Eat food: When you are stoned, your taste buds taste entirely different
  6. Go to bar: company is better and fun things to do with friends in bar with music and dance give you pleasant experience.
  7. Do creative things: Fun things like painting, writing, music playing and making.

Cannabis help in treating health issue

Drug is used to treat many problems as chronic pain, epilepsy, sleep problem, anxiety, HIV/AIDS symptoms and multiple sclerosis.

Everything you need to know:

When you are stoned after all the ashes and dirt pieces remain in the bong pipe. It will give you unpleasant smell. Users make sure that it will wash after each use but it is very hard to clean long pipe.

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There are some benefits:

  1. It saves your time
  2. Give smoother, cleaner hits.
  3. Easy to handle
  4. Give you good smoking experience.
  5. Cleaning of pipe is easy

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