Many hire a party bus with just one activity in mind- drink till your neck’s full! But since a lot of service providers levy restrictions for taking alcohol inside, what’s left for you?

Truth be told, keeping aside the repeated ‘booze-fascination’; there are so many other non-boozy but equally fun activities that you can do inside.

Let’s take a look!

Give Your Party A Fun-Theme:-

Love themed parties? Party bus offers you the perfect scope to implement your desired themed party decors with your group. Pick a suitable theme like:-

  • The 20’s era
  • Popular sports franchise theme
  • Mardi Gras
  • Or even a pyjama party

Then pick costumes that best represent the theme of the event, and also pick songs as per the theme to get everyone into the grove of the celebration!

Sing/Read A Song Or Simply, Yell On The Mike- a.k.a KARAOKE

If you have a knack for singing songs, then why not make this the main activity of your themed event! Karaoke is a popular party activity that helps express out the singer in you. And with the interior incorporating a host of other disco lights, lasers and a small dance floor, Karaoke will be refreshing and exciting for everyone present.

Start A Dancing Revolution:-

Party bus interiors are tailor-made for dancing and singing. There is sufficient space to accommodate 10 people (even more). And with quality audio systems built-in; you can plug in your favourite songs and start a dancing revolution. 

You can either set off a one-on-one competition or even a ‘Dancing Royale’ where everyone participates together in an intense competition!

Arrange For Interesting Drinks-( NOT Talking About Alcohol)

As you aren’t sure about alcohol allowance inside the party bus, that doesn’t mean that you cannot make the most of your event with other popular beverages. 

Do make it a point to ask with your party bus provider in Adelaide whether they permit alcohols. And if the answer is no, then you should look to indulge with a mixture of non-alcohol beverages such as mojitos, cocktail, fizzy’s, Pina Coladas, tea, etc.

Enjoy With Board Games/Card/Trivia Games:-

There are so many fascinating options when it comes to board/card or trivia games that you can enjoy with your party group. Some of those popular options include:-

  • Cards against humanity
  • Apples To Apples 
  • Uno
  • Old Maid
  • Go Fish

And more!

Final Say:

There you have it. Some quality activities that you can enjoy on your party bus hire in Perth with your party-loving groupie. 

The thing here is there is a limit to creativity, and everyone can come up with interesting ideas to make their party bus ride downright enjoyable. So, don’t hold back and discuss with your group about what fun activities to include- be it from this above list or any other. 

Also, remember to book your ride from a top-rated agency offering party bus rental services Australia at reasonable rates.

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The author runs a company that specialises in party bus hire in Perth at reasonable rates. With that, the author also educates the readers on how to make the most of party bus hire in Adelaide with your fun group!