You booked your luxury airport transfer operating in Sydney CBD and even reached the airport on time. But then an unexpected inconvenience in the form of a 2-3 hour flight delay sours your mood.

As frequent flyers will tell you- Air travels are a real pain in the bum. But what's equally bad is Mother Nature throwing some tantrum and forcing your scheduled flight to delay.

However, when you travel with your kid(s), the frustration level can reach a new level. You may think it's the incessant waiting, nail-bitting and people blabbering that's maddening. But truth be told, all these are nothing compared to a bored and fidgety kid thrown into the mix of doing absolutely nothing.

As unfortunate as it may sound; you don't have any control over the unfolded situation. But, what you can do is plan a fun city-tour instead of waiting at the airport and gandering at every Tom, Dick And Dullard!

The blessed thing is that you will always book a relaxing ride from luxury private airport transfer services to tour around Sydney and enjoy what it offers.

i. Taronga Zoo:- When you're trying to kill time with kids, then nothing beats a visit to a zoo. Luckily Sydney's Taronga Zoo does offer a variety of animals from all over the world to see.

ii. A Visit To The Luna Park:- You will be welcomed with a ginormous sized laughing face at the LUNA Park entrance. Some even call it an iconic symbol of the city, and truth be told their punchline- Just For Fun is bang on!

Its stellar inclusions include- Dodgen cars, riding the giant mouse, and getting on the giant Ferris Wheel to get a breath-taking sight of the Sydney Harbour.

iii. Checking Out The Australian Museum:- Visiting the Australian Museum with your little superstar(s) is also not a bad idea. There is an impressive zoological and anthropological collection and not to forget a wide variety of minerals, fish, beetles, animals and even dinosaur skeletons to gander.

The best part is, the entrance fee to the museum is free of cost to those under 16-years of age.

iv. Darling Harbour Playground:- Every kid's eyes light up whenever they see an open playground with climbing frames, swings and similar-aged potential friends to play with. Keeping this in mind; you can take your kid to enjoy some quality time at the Darling Harbour playground.

Your kid(s) can play with the slides, climb ropes, a flying fox, etc. And once they've had their on-field fun; you can take them to check the Wildlife Park, Sea-Life Aquarium or to its local waterside restaurants for some savoury snacks. And to be fair, the food tastes far better than what you'll find at the airport.

Each of these places is great for passing the time and keeping your little one(s) occupied in a fun way. Plus, they all are easily accessible by road. Providers of luxury airport transfers in Sydney also cater to other touring requirements and provide point-to-point pick-ups and drop-offs.

Plus, they keep their rates competitive with all-inclusive rates. So, next time you face a flight delay, use these luxury transfer services for your city tour and save your kid and yourself from boredom.

Top providers of Sydney CBD to Sydney airport transfers will be happy to accommodate your travel requirements.

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The author is a blogger who writes on travel and transport. Here he points out some nearby locations in Sydney where tourists can travel during flight delays.