Fun Games to Play With Your Dog and Cat - 10 simple tips

Games are good for any creature. With pets, it's no different. Simple activities ensure the well-being of animals and provide fun moments for both them and humans.

If you already have a pet or are thinking of adopting a puppy, check out some ideas for enjoying time with it.

TOP 5 Games for dogs

Dogs have a lot of energy to spend. Therefore, some of the best games are those that involve running and jumping. They are also important for exercising obedience. Follow:

1 - Shoot

The mechanics are super simple: throw an object so that the animal can pick it up. You can use a ball, stick, or frisbee, for example. Try to launch very hard, in a park or in a large yard (be careful with the safety of others), so that your little friend will travel long distances and have even more fun.

2 - Hunting

Hide the furry's favorite toys around the house. Then, encourage him to look for the lost items. If he doesn't find them, teach him the way, which should facilitate future attempts at "hunting." You can also play the game with snacks, but be careful not to abuse it!

3 - Hide and seek

This is another classic hobby. Just hide from the mascot and call it by name. He must be guided by the sound of the owner's voice or use his sense of smell. When the dog finds you, show satisfaction and pet him to show that the mission was successfully accomplished.

4 - Tug of war

Use a rope or sturdy fabric. Pull one side and let the dog bite the other end. Carry out the dispute with care not to damage the animal's teeth or make it too aggressive. Allow him to win some matches, in order to avoid any excess of authority.

5 - Pogo stick

Take an object that your pet loves to play with. Lift it up high, causing the furry to jump to reach it. Give yourself a skip too, as this makes the task more difficult and prolongs the activity. If the little creature reaches its goal, reward it with a snack.

TOP 5 Games for cats

The cats like solitary activities, but are also great partners joke. The secret is to stimulate the intelligence of these little animals. Look:

1 - Race

Have you noticed how cats love to run around the house? It is possible to stimulate this habit and still interact with them for hours and hours. Try throwing a ball far away: it will pick it up quickly. Repeat the process as long as it is fun for both of you.

2 - Point of light

Close the curtains and turn off the lamps in the room, making the room darker. Use a thin flashlight or a laser pen to emit a spotlight against the wall. Point in several directions. Your kitten will run after the bright spot. Attention: avoid aiming in the animal's eyes.

3 - Rod

Use a wooden handle or a thin stick, as long as it is strong. Stick a toy that catches the eye and call the cat to follow you. Since the furry can be very agile, you may need to walk around the rooms for a while. It's fun and exercise at the same time!

4 - Scratching

This utensil is indispensable for any gatekeeper. Cats have a habit of sharpening their claws. That is, it is good to have one of these so that the pet does not end up scratching the rug or sofa. More elaborate models have ropes to hang and ramps to climb on, allowing the little friend to entertain themselves in various ways.

5 - Recycled toys

You don't have to spend a lot to distract your pet. The kitten plays with paper balls, plastic rings, socks, bags, and cardboard boxes - yes, they love to hide in them. The famous skeins of wool are also an alternative, but they can be swallowed and cause complications.

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