There is a lot of information going around about flavored cigarettes such as Marlboro double fusion cigarettes. Raging from why buy them, how to buy them, who buys them among others. This article is tailored to answer a few of your “did you know?” question with a focus on:

I. Quitting smoking.
II. Health inequalities
III. And mass distribution.

Quitting smoking

Did you know that the innovation of menthol and fruit flavor infused cigarettes may have helped to increase smoking among young people and reduce the likelihood of quitting? Youth who have used the double infused cigarettes have a lower chance of quitting as compared to their counterparts who use ordinary cigarettes.

Organizations and countries have been encouraged to ban the distribution of these cigarettes because of this. Research shows that the tobacco industry has manipulated the menthol content of cigarettes to promote smoking initiation and sustain tobacco use

. On a lighter note, if one intends to quit smoking one could try switching from ordinary flavored cigarettes to ordinary cigarettes and go from there.

Health inequalities

Did you know that double fusion cigarettes could aid in contributing to health inequalities? In the USA it has been discovered that double fusion products are mostly disproportionately bought and smoked by those with lower incomes; those with a lower level of education; women; African Americans; and young people.

And as such these aforementioned categories of individuals are more likely to suffer from health issues brought about by the consumption of tobacco.

This means that marginalized categories of people mentioned in this part of the article are more likely to suffer from lung cancer, heart diseases to name just a few ailments that are contributed by inhaling nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide in the cigarettes.

Mass distribution

Did you also know that Mass distribution and marketing of menthol did not start until the 1960s even though a US patent for menthol flavoring was granted in the 1920s? In 2007 an innovation for adding flavor appeared on the Japanese market which has since become common elsewhere, often marketed as a ‘crush ball’, in which flavor is added via crushing a small plastic capsule in the filter.

Now, this is where the Marlboro double fusion comes in. the innovative technology used by Philip Morris took the cigarette world by a storm and to date, some still claim that he is at the top of this particular food-chain with his innovative ideas of making cigarettes. Cigarettes with flavor capsules are popular with young people due to the interactivity, and the novelty of smoking a cigarette with two flavors in one goes.

The menthol serves as a cooling agent and the fruity flavor adds a unique taste. These types of cigarettes are most commonly used by less established smokers and those experimenting. However, they have proven to be more addictive than the other more ordinary cigarettes


There are still more facts about double fusion cigarettes that are yet to be explored. And some have yet to be discovered. There is also still plenty of research to be done. In the meantime, you can allow yourself to be settled by these few fan facts.

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There is a lot of information going around about flavored cigarettes such as Marlboro double fusion cigarettes.