Summer vacations arrived a few weeks ago and as we all know they last until September, two months in which your little ones are going to claim fun and entertainment. It is easy to find fun-filled summer activities for children and adults with which you do not get bored. But as the days pass by, the things we wish to do when we go to the beach, pool or in the house- fades or end. Does it happen to you too? You don't know what to do on a beach vacation? Here you have the best summer activities for a fun day at the beach.

If the day has come when your head is blank, and you can't think of anything to entertain your children, we have a surprising summer activity that you can do to have a great time.

Summer activities on the beach

If we ask ourselves what to do during summer vacations, the beach comes to mind. The sand and the sea gives us many possibilities to do activities in summer. Many games are not only building castles or burying in the sand but by playing beach volleyball can be more entertaining. So put on your swimsuit, grab the
beach volleyball net and get ready for fun evenings with beach volleyball.

Are you ready to hit the beach?

Everyone loves the beach and enjoy the waves, the sea, the sand and also a pleasant atmosphere. That's why even if your original plan is merely rest when you see the volleyball nets and the volleyball, you'll want to join in the fun. Whether you are a newbie or if you already have a notion about this sport, it does not hurt to have a series of tips so that with practice, you can become an expert.

If you play volleyball with friends in a recreational way, you usually don't worry too much about the rotation or position that each one occupies in the playing area. This is what I used to do before practicing this sport more professionally. I remember that it was challenging to adapt to the regulatory rotation system, but for a volleyball game to develop smoothly, it is essential that the team members understand the proper rotation technique, so I got down to work. The rotation system is the action through which all players alternate in the forward and back positions. And this system is precisely one of the unique characteristics of volleyball. The rotation allows players to play each of the positions in the court or at some other point, during the course of the game. But how to rotate without first knowing the positions of the playing field?

The six positions in the volleyball field

On both sides of the volleyball field, two rows of three players will be formed. Three are located in the front area and another 3 in the back of the field, achieving a total of 6 positions on each side, the latter being:

• Position 1: the right rear, where the player is at the service.

• Position 2: the right front, just in front of the right rear.

• Position 3: the central front, to the left of the right front.

• Position 4: the left front, located to the left of the central front.

• Position 5: the left rear, behind the left front.

• Position 6: the central rear, behind the central front.

Tips for learning to play beach volleyball:

• Condition your body.
• Train for beach volleyball, don't just play.
• Practice the technique and tactics.

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