A fabulous top producer really worth noting and discerning is Miss Dani Johnson, when looking at where she came from - which was broke to making thousands of dollars after getting started in her business with no resources to now a millionaire is incredible.

Looking at top rated income earners in the niche and then looking at this Dani I have to point out she just didn't originate from a rich background.

It was an sad choice which she had to make, but one that forever transformed her daily life when she walked out of her abusive residence at 17. Skip ahead some years soon after and Dani, now twenty one finds herself even worse off than she turned out to be in the past.

So how exactly did she get results from nothing?

Without any income coming in and essentially having pocket change Dani fortunately when she found an opportunity in the home business arena, planted the idea which was this was her shot at making something happen.

Due to this decision she at the time of living in a car parked it near a pay phone and started prospecting/cold calling home business leads. As a result within a couple hours she was in profit over a couple thousand dollars and within that very year she crossed nearly half a million dollars.

Needless to say she had absolutely no other choice but to make use of the phone, and because of that now she has a script book. Which has it's ups and downs... I mean when I started going through her script book and cold calling people I found myself after hours of being on the phone all day for about a month burnt out.

In this industry it's always important to remember your success and leveraged income will be a result of how big you can grow your organization. So if your good on the phone using Dani's script and you sponsor someone, but hat person isn't good using the phone then you need to have a variety to get them success fast.

Now don't feel I'm slamming Dani the woman's stuff will work and it is really highly relevant to most things people still do today.

Undoubtedly when looking at what Dani went through and knowing where she is today it can be a little to much to comprehend.

So to point out before Dani made a couple thousand dollars her first couple hours living in a car about about three months or more before getting in that specific venture Dani was learning and going through courses. It wasn't until she first started learning about what to do and how to do it that she that she came across someone who got in the industry the same time she did, but instead of learn and going through training they were generating six figures.

It's funny all you need to do is have a critical look in the community and it is a rather interesting and a frequent challenge people have.

For example let's say you have 2 different people closed in an area and they have no key to take off, simply a guide with information of what to do and you check on them 5 hrs later and one person is outside the room and another person still trying to figure out things...

It's crazy!

So in Dani's case unlike 99% of most Network Marketers she decided to ask this person for coaching.

Hopefully this illustrates for you that it really doesn't matter your skill set or current problems, you can make this happen if you have the right training and coach.

Since that day Dani Johnson has constructed teams well over the 500,000 mark using her intelligence and know-how from everything that she picked up simply being homeless which happens to be somewhat cool cause of all of the sick supporters she has it's as if shes a moviestar.

But, still whether you use Dani's script or not you need to master getting new people off and prospering. Unfortunately cold calling and prospecting no matter how good you are and what training you go through is a drain and really requires you to be a sales rockstar to prosper with which limits how big and fast your team is.

Now if you have a good company that provides a variety of training that doesn't burn you out and take 2-5 years to see results from use it!

Nevertheless I hate cold calling it sucks and the second I learned how to get 20-50 leads chasing me everyday rather than me seeking all of them down I started sponsoring 30 people a month.

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Brando Olynyk is an expert in the area of Attraction Marketing and wrote this "Dani Johnson review" to help people prosper in their businesses. To learn how to immediately Profit From Dani's Techniques online follow the link to visit Brando's MLM mastermind.