Almost anyone who can have a hair transplant is FUE suitable candidate. Having thick natural hair is something everyone strives for, however with the passage of time due to different reasons such as age, health conditions, any accident hair loss becomes a severe problem.
Living with hair loss is a nightmare for many. People become self-conscious about their outlook, fortunately now there are many hair transplant methods available. These hair restoration treatments are done with a person’s own hair, grafted in the bald area. these hairs grow naturally without any other medical assistance or medication. Grafted hair can be cut, washed, and trimmed. There are many techniques for hair transplantation. Among which fut and FUE are most common.
Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant treatment that is not for everyone. Before looking at FUE suitable candidates let’s have a look at before FUE surgery considerations’ treatment is specific and personalized for every individual. For every patient, a personalized treatment plan is set and executed under the supervision of a specialized surgeon. Before undergoing the treatment, few considerations are to think about
• Finding out the actual reason behind the hair loss
• What are different treatments available for hair loss
• How will transplant benefit you
• Choosing the right competent surgeon
• What will be the future results?
Once a person decides to go through FUE surgery, the first step is to select a surgeon who will first find out whether a person is suitable for FUE or not.
Factors that decide who is FUE suitable candidate are as follows: typically, any men or women that have been losing hair for 5 years can consult a doctor for transplantation. other important factors are
there is no special limitation for transplant anyone above 25 can have a hair transplant, but preferably people of older ages are the most suitable candidates as their grafted and newly grown hair look more natural over time. Doctors may avoid suggesting surgery to young patients because sometimes young people tend to have premature hair fall. This hair loss can progress in the coming years. people above 30 usually are best suitable candidates, as their hair pattered is well established.

Scalp flexibility:
Or scalp laxity also determines whether a person is fut suitable candidate or not. Scalp flexibility means how easily tissues of the scalp stretch when trying to pull follicle out and then again grafting it into the scalp. The more scalp tissues are flexible the more easily follicles came out and implanted easily.
Hair loss condition:
Mostly someone is considered FUE suitable candidate if suffering from limited hair loss e.g. small vertex balding area, limited alopecia .most important is patients should have enough healthy donor hair to be plucked and grafted.
Quality of hair:
Hair texture, color, thickness, curviness, color density are some characteristics of hair that make someone a suitable candidate for FUE. These are cosmetically very important and are considered before surgery because they highly affect the result of the procedure.
Density: people having a good density of hair is the best FUE suitable candidate. Follicles from the dense areas are taken out and then implanted in the required bald area. A moderate- to- high level of hair density is required for FUE transplant.
Texture: curly and wavy hair brings better results than straight hair. Fewer follicles are used, being curled create a dense and fuller-looking result.
Thickness: similarly, the thickness of hair plays an important role. People with thicker hair need fewer grafts than thin hair.
color: the color of hair plays an important role in considering the most suitable candidate for FUE. It adds to the successful results. People having the same color of scalp and hair e.g. dark scalp dark hair or both lights have less bald-looking scalp.
Physical condition AND LIFESTYLE:
Overall physical condition and lifestyle is a very important factor. if a person is suffering from any disease that affects hair growth or having permanent week immune system issues, may not suitable for it. More ever healthy eating habits, stress-free life are of great importance when considering FUE transplant.
After surgery hair length:
People who are willing to have a short hair cut or short length are suitable for FUE. That is why women usually are not FUE suitable candidates unless they are ready to have a short haircut.
To consider who FUE suitable candidate is, the above-mentioned factors are considered by a surgeon. In addition to these, one should have realistic expectations about the results of the surgery, for a good surgeon it is necessary to discuss the procedure of surgery and all expected results. The patient should keep in mind that his hair and physical health conditions, donor hair supply, density, laxity of scalp tissues plays an important role in the successful result of FUE If you want to know more detail, click

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