There are many factors that affect success for fue hair transplantation. The first one is the choice of the surgeon, that is, the doctor who will perform the transplantation. The patient has to choose an aesthetic surgeon whose experience he trusts.

In addition, the planting that will enter the planting must have the same experience. Because during the operation, the team is directly effective on the patient. Aesthetic surgeon does not perform the operation completely.

Physical effects such as an old trauma and burn marks in the patient's transplantation area affect hair transplantation. Apart from this, hormonal drugs used by the patient are also factors affecting the success of hair transplantation.

Factors affecting the success after hair transplantation, the patient should protect the cultivated area from physical effects after fue hair transplantation. It should not hurt, or even lie on the cultivated area while sleeping. This protection period should be continued until the hair is lost. One factor is smoking. Since smoking affects bleeding, it can delay the nutrition of the hair.

When these conditions occur, you can get a hundred percent natural result from hair transplantation. It makes your surgeon sociologically happy with the pleasure he gives due to the quality of his work. When the Fue hair transplantation success rate meets the above conditions, you can get the scanned, unnoticed results everywhere.

We developed the fue gold method in order to increase the success of fue hair transplantation. Using this technique will have some pluses in terms of health. We can increase the quality of hair transplantation by using gold materials. The health of our patients is very important to us. To know more about fue hair transplantation visit the link hair transplant turkey.

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