FUE hair transplant has generally pursued the treatment of androgen tic alopecia also known as male pattern baldness. It is a relatively simple method. It has a fast, effective, and safe treatment for hair loss. It is a hair transplant method in which doctors extract the follicular units from the donor area of the head, one by one. The doctor uses a small microneedle which punches a tiny incision around a hair follicle before extraction. Sanction use to remove the units which place in prepared areas in front of the patient's scalp. It is also known as a follicular transfer. It is one of the two primary methods of obtaining follicular units. Each unit contains one to four hair. This one to four hair grouping transplanted into the bald area of the recipient. In this method, there is no need for the surgeon to make a long incision in the donor. At the outset, the surgeon anesthetizes the scalp. A small micro needle uses to make a circular incision less than 1 mm in diameter, around a follicular unit of the patient's head. Tweezer like instruments used to extract the follicular unit from the donor. Multiple follicular unit extract from this way. Before the process of harvesting the follicular unit, small holes drill on the scalp, where hair loss has occurred. The follicular unit then transplants into these holes. A disinfectant has gently applied to the head before this procedure.
Not all patients are good candidates for it. During the consultation, this option is explored in-depth were the pros and cons of this type of surgery versus other surgery. It is different from strip surgery by the method of harvesting the donor area. Those patients who prefer to avoid the donor scar from the strip surgery may take advantage of this procedure. The advantages like It is less invasive surgery with no visible or linear scarring in the donor area. There are no stitches required. In this method, there is a higher graft survival rate as compared to manual FUE hair transplant extraction. It is ideal for patients who would like to sport a short hairstyle. It has less recovery time and fewer restrictions on activities after treatment. It is ideal for a short session and for patients in the early stages of hair loss. It is perfect for mustache and eyebrow replacement. It has less risk of complications.FUE hair transplant has some risks or disadvantages like Numbness, swelling, itching around the eyes, and the forehead. If proper care is not taken before and after surgery then the risk of inflammation and infection increases.FUE hair transplant is not suitable for large areas of baldness. After this transplant, the patient should sleep in a semi-sitting position. This will help to reduce the swelling and prevent from accidentally touching the transplanted. The patient must avoid touching, scratching, and rubbing the area where the hair follicles have been transplanted. The patient may have to shampoo the hair twice a day after 7 days of surgery. The patient should take prescribed medicine. The patient must avoid smoking and alcohol for 2 weeks after surgery. Patients should cover your head with hats to avoid direct contact with UV rays.
FUE hair transplant is a great surgery and it has a faster completion time. After about 7 to 10 days there should be no more traces of dried blood or scabs on the patient's scalp. The patient may wash hair in the normal way no sooner than the 14 days after transplant. In this method no stitches or scales use but full healing, resolution of swelling, and return of normal activities can take 2 to 14 days.
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