FUE Hair Transplant- Evolution in hair loss treatment
FUE hair transplant is an approved medical procedure. This technique is basically based upon removing individual hair from the posterior donor site. This procedure is rather a recent and advanced method. In this method, the hair transplant surgeon does not make strips instead he extracts individual hair follicles. The patient's scalp is completely shaved before starting the procedure and then grafts are individually extracted out. Then the surgeon cleans the scalp and numbs the area and makes slits on the scalp with the help of a needle. It has been very useful in improving men’s appearance and their confidence in social life. The bald areas are covered with the hair harvested from the donor region. Before starting surgery, an anesthetic is applied to reduce pain. This surgical technique has three phases. The first one is the harvesting phase. In this phase, the hair follicle is taken once at a time using a microsurgical device. The grafts are collected from the permanent donor zone which is the back-scalp area using Follicular Unit Extraction. The collected hair follicles are arranged on the basis of how many hair strands they have. These hair strands are kept safely in a storage solution named as hypo-thermosole. The yield of these grafts and their survival reduces. If these grafts are not handled properly then this can damage healthy hair follicles which can further damage the procedure.
After harvesting the necessary amount of hair grafts the second phase is started which is also called opening the channels. In this phase, the doctor carefully opens the hold for new hair follicles which are to be planted in this region. It is the most crucial step of the procedure. FUE hair transplant is an approved medical procedure so the patients don’t need to be worried.
In the third phase, hair follicles are planted on the open channels of the recipient one by one. After the plantation is finished, the head of the patient is sprayed with a TPV solution. TPV solution is applied to provide a nutrient buffered environment for the cells experiencing environmental stress. It results in increasing the inflammatory response which can lead to greater cell proliferation as well as if it is done by an experienced doctor using correct, advanced, and efficient equipment. Follicular Unit Extraction is a proven technique for improving the looks of men and giving them confidence in society.
The duration of Follicular Unit Extraction depends upon the size of the transplant. The number of grafts and their density also depends upon the transplant area. Usually, from 1000 to 5000 follicular units are required. This surgical procedure takes almost 8 hours for its completion. The surgeon may recommend certain medications to minimize the pain after surgery. In 9 to 6 months, the new hair starts to grow again. The quality of grafts is more important than their quantity. Under the shadow of said subject, it can be ventured that FUE is an approved but intense medical procedure. It requires a well-qualified and experienced surgeon. It is very important to choose the right surgeon for the surgery.
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