Delicious cherry fruit,kewi fruit and the fruit nutrition facts for a rapid weight loss diet.
Since most people like some kind of fruit be it apples, bananas,

pears or some exotic fruit a fruit diet is appealing to many


Eating a diet consisting mainly or solely of fruit for a limited

amount of time can help you rid your body of those nasty toxins

that build up over time, jump start a rapid weight loss diet,

and help your immune system to function better than ever.

The reasons why a fruit diet can do all these things is simple.

Fruit Nutrition Facts:

First, fruits contain a whole host of vitamins and minerals and

are loaded with anti oxidants.

Some fruit is also high in fiber.

All of these things are things that your body needs to perform

at its peak to help fight off illness and disease.

By giving your body a high boost of all these things you

strengthen your immune system and help it to perform better.

Fruits also contain minerals that help detox your body and the

water content they contain then helps flush those toxins out of

your system making you feel better and more energized.

Another nutrition fact is that fruits are also low in calories

which means eating an all fruit diet for one, two, or three days

will result in a rapid weight loss.

In fact, dieters find that eating an all fruit diet once a week

helps them resist sweets better and also helps them keep their

energy levels up. Another fruit nutrition fact is to

keep in mind that a fruit diet should contain a large

variety of fruits and not simply one or two.

cherry and kiwi are two excellent fruits that should be included
in any fruit diet.

Not only are these two fruits good tasting, but they have many

health benefits that make them exceptional choices.

The cherry is a fruit that is extremely high in anti oxidants.

It is believed that this fruit can help prevent and fight

certain kinds of cancers.

The cherry can also aid in the prevention of heart disease as


The cherry is also high in potassium and low in sodium which

aids in those wishing to lose weight and needing to watch their

sodium intake.

The Kiwi is extremely high in Vitamin C, Potassium, and beta


Kiwi is also high in fiber which will help keep your regular and

can aid people with digestion problems.

Fiber can also help lower your cholesterol levels.

The kiwi has also helps those suffering with respiratory

problems such as asthma.

While most people would not want to eat a diet consisting solely

of cherry and kiwi eating a diet that includes these two fruits

will certainly do good things for your body.

Anyone eating an all fruit diet could certainly benefit from the

vitamins and minerals these fruits contain.

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