Have you every developed a headache or upset stomach after being in a negative or stressful situation? Or suddenly found yourself making mistakes, forgetting things or going way out of your way when driving after someone or something has frustrated you? Do you have negative people or situations in your life? Or are you the negative influence on your friends, family or coworkers. Negative energy can stick like glue and cause damaging STRESS in your life.

How do most people handle stress caused by negative emotions?
1. Stuff them Inside which can hurt ourselves and lead to illness
2. Act Them Out which generally gets them in trouble with others

Everyday we are either picking up negativity dumped on us by the media and other people or generating it with our very own thoughts. Here are a few fun techniques to help you handle your stress in a lighthearted way.

1. Brush it off…One of the signs you are picking up or generating negativity is the feeling of extra weight on your shoulders. Often we’ve been asked or told to, “Knock that chip off your shoulder” or to “Brush it off” when we were upset about something. Well it works! Then next time you feel out of sorts, weighed down by life or a negative person who has dumped their stuff on you simply put your hand on your shoulder and brush it off. Repeat on the other side. Hey! Don’t brush it at me!

2. Smile it away…With what I playfully call the “FO” smile. You know the one. It is often caught in the last few wedding or graduation photos, directed at the photographer after the umpteenth time you have heard the word, “Smile!” To perfect this technique simply glare at your reflection in a mirror while smiling with your mouth. Hey! You’re pretty good at that!

3. Visualize it away…Simply take a moment to picture a person who has irritated or upset you wearing a ridiculous outfit or toilet paper stuck to their shoe. Stay with the image until you feel yourself start to smile. No, not that Smile! Well, if you insist. Hey! Why am I wearing a clown outfit?

4. Pop it away…Using bubble wrap, Visualize someone’s face on each bubble as you Pop the negativity away. If alone, saying their name out loud while you pop helps as well. Pop away 2 or more people at once to save time. Yes, Smiling while popping may occur. Notice how these techniques work well together. Hey! Is that my name you are repeating while you pop?

5. Flush it away…Great for dealing with authority figures you can’t confront. Write the name of person who has upset you on a piece of toilet paper, drop in the toilet and then answer nature’s call. You can’t help but Smile when you see that person again. Can also be used flush away things you don’t like about yourself. Hey! I see an extra roll or two on your shopping list this week!

6. Squeeze it away…This technique works exceptionally well for preventing Road Rage. Keep a Squeeze ball in your car. If you have had an upsetting or frustrating experience that has left you feeling angry simply take it out on your squeeze ball before turning on the car. Give it all you’ve got! If you find yourself getting angry again while driving, Squeeze again. Hey! Is that one of my missing balls?

When you make a habit of using one or more of these techniques on a daily basis you will find yourself Smiling a lot more.

Oh, and don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes! Hey! Are you Smiling at Me?

Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Shannon of www.ventingcreatively.com teaches creative ways to shine a light on your life from a different view. Carolyn lives and works in Niagara Falls ON Canada. You can reach Carolyn at 905-371-3818 or artheart@empowermentstartshere.com. Workshop Calendars are Available!