Trims and accessories are fine tuning the garment story. With the increase in creativity and the designing abilities, the garment trims and accessories industry has a great potential since they add up to the overall outlook.

Gone are the days when clothing was considered just a basic necessity, where the garment would suffice the need of covering the body. Glancing at the Indian history, a simple fabric was made a symbol of revolution. The simple garment has now become a commodity to chase for. With the changing times, using just the basic fabric is not enough to make a garment complete. There is a requirement of garment trims and accessories so as to achieve the design objective, its functional value and give the garment an appealing aesthetical look.

With the increasing sense of creativity, the designing spectrum has a lot to offer. The multitude offerings of silhouette designs irrespective of any gender demarcation range from the tiniest of the beads to the biggest of the patches. From casualwear to the formalwear and street casuals, the use of trims and accessories can change the outlook of any outfit as if from scratch to shine.

The richness of art paired with the increase in designing talents is leading the textile accessory industry to the next level. Take for instance, the case of embroidery! India is one of the biggest sourcing hubs for embroidered goods. In fact, as per the reports from IBIS World, the past 5 years have seen a modest growth in the commercial embroidery industry and is expected to sustain the growth.

This segment is extremely big when it comes to the usage of accessories and trims since each element is a thing of beauty that adds joy to wearing, be it the threads, sequins, patches, pearls, beads or prints with varying shapes, sizes, colours and usage. It can also be an additional accessory such as a pin, a handbag or a clutch to add on to the complete product. There is a plethora of options to choose from that fine tune the whole garment story.

The upgrading fashion technologies are also leading to gamut of innovations and inventions in the fashion industry. Also, the consumers have stopped running after the silver screen fashion icons and blindly following them. ‘Old is gold’ is now trending since people are going back to revamping the old designs. As a result, the sequins, buttons, beads, threads, stones, intricacies of the handwork, etc. are making a comeback.

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Sonali Ahuja is the Apparel Resources’ content contributor who writes about the news and updates of the apparel, fashion and textile industry. Her article is based on the textile accessory industry, the dynamics of changing fashion trends and the industry.