A Journey to Awaken your Inspiration

To inspire is to guide by divine influence, and this influence exists within us all…

I believe that everybody alive in this benevolent universe has the ability to bring forth the finest qualities within themselves and others. Every one of us is unique, in our abilities, behaviors, thoughts and feelings and we have been carefully crafted to fulfill a special role within our lifetime.

Often people affect us through breathtaking words or courageous acts and yet inspiring others can be much simpler than this. Take a little journey with me and notice the things that prevent us from being the inspiration we are truly capable of being…

As children we looked at the world through innocent eyes; everything we saw was new and exciting. As time passed we became complacent and less fascinated by everyday miracles and we began to change the way we looked at life. To be as curious as we once were we need only change it again. Choose not to take the eyes that allow you to read this writing for granted and inspire today by your gratitude for the phenomenon’s that make up your life.

As we grew older we became aware of our ability to put a smile on someone else’s face and so we looked for ways to please others. We got lost in trying to satisfy our teachers, our friends, our partners and our family. Today you can restore the balance between giving to others and giving to yourself by demonstrating the greatest gift of all; knowing who you are and choosing to stay true to your authenticity. Inspire today by your courage not your compliance.

As time continued to pass life presented us with our own share of difficulties and our ability to manage our emotions became more of a challenge. It’s easy to see how we labeled negative emotions as wrong but optimism and happiness are only part of the story…

In adulthood we started to forget how much we can learn from life’s ups and downs. Being an inspiration doesn’t mean you don’t experience negative emotions it means you develop your ability to experience how you are feeling in any moment, take the lessons from it, and at the same time know that you are so much more. Inspire today by your willingness to embrace all of your emotions.

Even now we act out in foolish ways; we say and do things that in hindsight we wish we hadn’t. We sometimes seek approval and aim to get everything ‘right’ yet on some level we understand the need to make mistakes. These experiences strengthen our ability to learn, to grow and to accept the human race. Inspire today by your ability to love yourself and love others not as you would have them be but as they are.

The world is abundant with new ways to feel inspired and our world is awakening to this thing called spirituality-now it is our responsibility to live it. Inspire today by your willingness to look for ways to open your heart.

Author's Bio: 

Lucy Pemberton-Platt is a health coach and writer.