From Part One (Man). Intrducing the forthcoming book What is Man.


What is Man, but an awareness. Awareness of a collective awareness of the collective, and their environment; and awareness of an individual’s own awareness within the collective and of it’s own environment. The phenomenon of Consciousness.
The inevitable outcome of consciousness is thought, and thought generate opinion (belief). The intensity of the consciousness determines the magnitude of it’s thoughts and beliefs. The greater the strength of the consciousness, greater it’s awareness, and greater it’s realization, understanding, knowledge and insight and appreciation. If the intensity of the consciousness is infinite in magnitude, it will grow infinitely in awareness, and will be infinitely knowing and understanding, and appreciating it’s own realization. It will be an infinite belief system.
All living are part of an infinite belief system. There is only one universe, one sphere or domain that man, the most aware, are conscious of. If there is another domain or a dimension of consciousness, man does not have the intensity of consciousness to become aware of it. But because it is believed by most men for an awareness greater than man to exist, the concept of a God or higher being than man, it is plausible there exists such an awareness. As man can see the infinite material universe, so can man imagine of an infinite awareness. And as man cannot venture into the infinite universe, man cannot fathom the infinite awareness. Yet man’s consciousness is powerful enough ‘to know’, to think and believe of such an entity.
Consciousness generate thought and belief. That is the character of Consciousness. A child can be aware of a television set, but it cannot understand it’s mechanism. Man is aware of infinity, but is unable to comprehend it’s immensity. Nonetheless, there exists the reality of television, and the reality of infinity. The ability of consciousness to create depends on the power or intensity of it’s consciousness. As consciousness thinks, it creates according to it’s power. Since there is only one awareness growing and expanding like the one material universe, it leaves behind what it creates from it’s present awareness and proceeds into infinity creating at higher and higher awareness. What man creates from his thought is revealed materially. The material manifestation of thought. The universe, including man is the material manifestation of the thought of the infinite. Hence evolution. When the infinite abandons any of it’s thoughts, the manifestation of those thoughts disappear. Hence extinction. So all that exist, and all that do not exist that existed, and all that is yet to exist is in the infinite Conscious. This is in the infinity, where time do not exist.
Time is the interval between manifestations of thoughts. The ‘thinking machine’ creates time as it creates with it’s thoughts. We are a creation of the infinite Conscious, manifested on earth as it is in the Consciousness of the infinite. Even the ancient psalmist was aware of this consciousness when he wrote, “What is man, that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you visit him?” “When I consider your thoughts, the heavens, the moon, and the stars, the works of your fingers.” Ps.8.3:4
Consciousness: the state of being awake and aware, is Life. Conscious means to know with others or in oneself, which creates belief in the self and others. However: though each one of us is a consciousness as the infinite is conscious of; most of us are unaware of it, as most of us are still material manifestations of the infinite and yet to become conscious of the infinite. If our consciousness were to grow in awareness of the infinite as our bodies grow old and disintegrate and disappear, we can emerge as an awareness of the infinite in our own right and exist without the body like the infinite. If we follow our earthly fathers, we will become like them, and come into possession
of what is theirs.
The coming of Jesus was for God to be with us. Going with Jesus is for us to be with God. Jesus was God and man, so we can be man and God. To know with God is to know like God, and exist like God in the spirit of the infinite. God is knowing with all and of Himself. Man is knowing with the self and yet to know with his Source, ‘the other’. Man is aware of the other, but willfully or conveniently deny the other, therefore man is not knowing with God. Thus man believes only in himself, and his thoughts are for himself.
The collective consciousness of man is a belief system that believes in the self. But the self is alone. That is the spirit of man. The character of Lack and Fear. The selfless is never alone. That is the spirit of the infinite, and the character of Abundance and Love. The selfishness of man creates a spirit of transience, and a character of fear. Denying the self of what the self is conscious of is to contradict it self. This is self-denial. By denying God, one denies the self, and denies the self of Life.
Most of humanity is in self-denial. If some human beings can achieve higher awareness, then it is possible for all to grow in awareness beyond the status quo. Although man has acquired immense knowledge and improved his material existence, he is as unaware as he has been since the dawn of his existence.
The collective thoughts of man has created the belief systems of the world. There are as many belief systems as there are societies and communities existing in one global belief system. Hence international law. What makes mankind unique to other kinds is that their fundamental beliefs are identical wherever or whichever community they come from. Man’s belief system has created restrictions on himself. Though our consciousness is free to think as we please, in our fear of the consequences of infinite freedom, largely because of the enormity of the responsibility it entails, we have sacrificed freedom to think like the free spirits and have consciously become unaware of the infinite. Instead we fight to become free of the wish of the infinite, and exist in denial of our true deity.
Just as mush as we are physically and genetically Homo sapiens, we are consciously and unconsciously infinite awarenesses with infinite power and freedom to think and reason. However we are confined to a body with finite strength and life. And our freedom is limited accordingly. So we have reasoned, and have come to believe that we are as finite as our bodies. This belief system has generated the world mindset that we have since man came into existence. Why we cling on to our ancient customs and traditions is to hold on to our past, because that is what we are. We cannot know the future nor can we fashion it, we can only imagine it. So we modernize the old world, and think we have gone forward and changed. When Jesus said, “sell all you have and give to the poor, and come follow Me.” He meant for us to give up what we hold on to in the world ‘the mindset we have been brought up in’ and follow the path our conscience leads us.
As Jesus said, “I am not of this world. “The world will love it’s own.” “The world will hate you for my sake.” The world hated Me before they hated you.”
We are not of the world but in the world, and we are not of the body, but in a body. We are not from a brick house, and our garments are not our body. Yet billions of dollars are spent annually on prestigious homes and designer clothing to house and cover our body. But as it is written, “even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like a lily, that is here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow.” Our body and our garments will be thrown into the fire tomorrow. Are we going to throw our life also into the fire with our body? Our eternal consciousness believes that it is as transient as our body, and we materialize and manifest our beliefs, and die with our body.
Our belief system has been conditioned over millennia, and to contradict it would be death.
We think of life in the world, and imagine eternal life to be a life like the one we have in the body, and we desperately seek to save the life of the body. We rely on medical science and religion to save that which is not life. In our fear, laziness, and unwillingness to know with the Source of our consciousness, we perish with our body. So Jesus said, “He who tries to save his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for My sake will find it.” Unless we lose our worldly life, we cannot enter the infinite life as we were thought of by the infinite Consciousness.
It is written that God is not alone. The wise men of old were aware of the character of God, although many of them were unable to rise above their materialistic consciousness to meet with the infinite. Nonetheless they were conscious enough to know of it’s character, for they had spent more time than most of their contemporaries contemplating on their infinite awareness. If life is to be conscious, and conscious means to know with the self and others; knowing with only the self would be life limited. What is there to know with the self that one can grow in knowing? When there is nothing more to know with the self, there is nothing to grow with, and the self conscious seize to exist. For consciousness to exist, it must continually grow, like our materialistic economy, or it will lead to a depression and die. God, the Great Consciousness is a growing consciousness, and we are invited to join in it’s growth by knowing with it.
“I have come so that you may have Life, and have it more abundantly.” Jesus said.
God came as a man so we can come to know with Him, and know all things, and become an eternal being. For God became conscious of man in Their likeness, of Their consciousness. But until man comes to know with God, and become conscious like God, man was made a little lower than God. Children of God until we become adults like God.
If all adults, especially the ones at the top of society were grown up, the world would be like heaven. No one would be dreaming of heaven, but realizing it.

What is Man From The world of Ro and Mo
© Rohan and Mohan Perera 2011

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Born in Sri Lanka to Dr. and Mrs. Lorenz Perera in 1956.
St. Thomas' Preparatory School, Bandarawella, Sri Lanka.
North Eastern College, Sangre Grande, Trinidad.
Duff Miller London Tutors, London, England.
Hounslow Borough College, London, England. (Science and Biochemistry).
Surrey University, Surrey England. (Chemical Engineering).
Lister and Fairfield Schools of nursing, Hertford and Bedford, England. (Psychiatric and General Nursing).

Drawing from professional and personal experience (Psychiatry & Bible Study), and having experienced life in four countries: Sri Lanka, Trinidad, United Kingdom, and Australia; Ro and Mo write on life, Consciousness / Awareness.