Criticizing scriptures like The Bible, The Quran, The Bhagavat Gita and such other sacred books is ever undesirable. Such scandalous act hurts believers and leads to Frustration. Then what’s the solution if someone finds fault with the fundamentalist? Strangely, can we in any way hold responsible the father figure of any religion? Apparently, the success of students circulates wide around the competence of a teacher. That may be considered for a particular generation, never during centuries after centuries. We are to probe the merit of so many teachers during three or two millenniums. It’s a different issue; may be discussed afterwards.

Well, why Spirituality is the only Satisfaction? What makes the difference between religion and spirituality? Spirituality is, as I comprehend from the life and sayings of Ma-Mahajnan, developing power of reasoning we are to attain to profound realization which is based on renunciation. That again expects us cultivating within following worldly-cum-spiritual striving. “Profound renunciation begets profound realization.” From frustration to satisfaction—what a tiresome journey! We are to complete in one life. There’s no escape. In that perspective what about the standard of the previous teachers around the world please?

What does a religion mean is, more or less, known to all of us? We, the believer, follow a particular religion, attend churches, mosques, temples and pray to God performing religious rite and ritual. Our offerings are being accepted and blessed by the priest; we consider it’s all guaranteed by Lord, the Omniscient One or the Omnipotent One straightaway. What a satisfaction! Despondently, such an order of revelation stands as the keystone; there will be no problem in building our respective houses. None can blame us. Most of the people are designed to spend their lives in this way and feel virtuous. Is there any compulsion in finding accountability with them? Absolutely not, never. As insightful the merit of the teachers, so is the aptitude of the students.

The problem is with the few who remain dissatisfied following the normal way and behave as a nihilist. They don’t find sufficient food for thought in religion. They become a bit helpless leading a secluded life in their family and among friends. They often dare to lead a reckless life. Sadly, they don’t have that much of power and knowledge which could have credited them with energetic head and healthy heart to make every effort for peace and perfection in one life. Sorry, this is not the way they are accustomed to. We may have nothing to contribute to our country, but can, in no way, get our society run down.



In this context an example may be cited. We lost our mother who was known to all as Ma-Mahajnan, a spiritual genius. Dejectedly, not to all but to a few only. She left us forever last year on the day of January 22. The members of her family wished to observe the day as yearly ceremony abiding the rules and rituals of Hinduism which I couldn’t support. To me she is immortal. Often I feel her presence in guiding me. However, I thought quite sometime as what to do on that day. Tenderly, I said to my brothers and sisters of our Ashram that neither I will attend to participate nor take anything here during your observance. Strangely, on that very day early in the morning I got a link with the Mother. All of a sudden she appeared before me--of course, not in figure but her voice was heard.

Mother commands me affectionately--Get a Xerox copy of this document; then go wherever you would like to.
Son--Well mother, Biju (one of my younger brothers) usually does all these things, doesn’t? Won’t I get it done tomorrow?
Mother firmly says--No, it has to do today and it is you who’ll get it ready straightaway.
Taking the document in hand I am set to think where to go; again how long it would take to get it accomplished?
Mother could easily understand what was rising and falling in my mind. She says softly, “How little path to cover! As soon as you arrive there, you’ll get it done, my son. Go ahead.
Son--O no, that’s, indeed, if there’s no problem with electric supply.
Mother laughs—Huh, load shading! “You’ll have to wait any way.” Dejectedly said the Mother, “Showing so much of lame excuses? This has to be proficiently done, get ready right now.”
Without going into further apprehension I (Son) got myself prepared.

This was what I conceived early in the morning. I was on my way. Just sent a message to our Ashram, “Don’t have tension about me. Do, whatever you have to do, get everything well-accomplished. There you have the Mother among you today; I, too, have her company as I realize her. Let Mother be felt as you like to spend with her. She is always with everybody—as one that cherishes to have her in the core of one’s heart.”



I was standing alone on the Harish Chandra burning ground at the threshold of Gole Bazar from Inda where we stay. The day appeared cloudy and wind was blowing violently. Due to my old age and often succumb to tremendous pressure with responsibility, I hardly have time to be out of doors. I remain confined in our Ashram and the Mandir. Naturally my brothers and sisters were very much worried and wanted to contact me. I switched off the mobile and concentrated to deep thinking. The atmosphere is completely different, as we all know, in a cremation ground.

I am to get the Xerox copy ready. Now, the point is, what does Ma-Mahajnan convey? Initially, I could comprehend the matter and didn’t make any mistake to act accordingly. Mother herself is the original document. We are to get each a copy of Xerox. Now all the machines are not up to the standard and often fail to provide better copies. The machine should be well-enough and might have properly maintained. This is how I get some contact from above. In this context please refer to www.trueconscience.com to know about Ma-Mahajnan’s “The Concept of God”.

Talent varies from man to man. As we could learn from the Mother, so should we be able to fight the battles of life, sacrifice for others and serve humanity. I am single, engrossed in study of her philosophy of life. There are a few others. We have accepted worldly life indirectly. But those who lead a conjugal life are required to practice worldly-cum-spiritual striving. It’s, indeed, tough. Mother had, as I could comprehend during my long stay in her generous association, the highest reputation from above. Well, I should stop here. Let those be judged in future by every standard and, as purported by the Mother many times earlier, either accepted or rejected. Growing awareness, in fact, counts on patience and perseverance.



Keeping all these things in mind I started probing religion. Was there any problem with the one who stood first and foremost in every religion? Nothing absolutely. There might be diversity of opinion, but as per their respective realization there was oneness in their attainment of ultimate goal. From Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad down to anybody in the past who may be regarded as equal to them, was all divine. Individually their realization was beyond any doubt and large number of people accepted that. For centuries together people followed their scriptures and felt strength of mind, attained peace. Then where lays the dismay?

The hazards lay with us--the prist, molla and purohit of respective religion. Then came into the picture the followers and believers, who spend the entire lives just being a petty devotee. This is why I remarked in my previous article: ‘Religion remains ever undefined; how Spirituality can pave the way!’ Now, let us move to the world of science and technology. Science develops rapidly expanding its horizon, and flows like a river. Technology fly on its wings feel comfortable in vast space overhead. Whereas, strangely, religion is as good as stagnant water!

Yes, the reason is this. We are responsible for all such chaos related to religion and philosophy. Being attached with religious performance, we fail to lead a saintly life. We preach religion without going deep into what the prophet say. We are engrossed in the study of philosophy just as an ordinary man. Actually, formation of character is absolutely preferred before preaching or teaching--even learning and understanding the doctrine of religion. They are not so simple, since the father figure realized truth in the core of their heart through renunciation, loving people deeply at large.

In brief, there are students, professors, scientists always busy cultivating the aspects they are dealing with and as a result, scientific inventions get astounding progress. The devotee fail to truly dedicate, the nihilist are in a mess. We lost our power of reasoning; consequently the very concept of realization seemed to be out of question. Being so-called preachers or teachers in every society today we fail to inspire people in every country. This is why I wanted to dedicated my life to help people unconfined; elevate their mind and soul in the light of all the religion along with, astonishingly, the essence of philosophy of Ma-Mahajnan, expressed in a state of ‘Conscious Trance’. She seems to me ever a spiritual genius.


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Ma-Mahajnan, a matchless spiritual genius, expressed her entire creation in a state of "Conscious Trance” which has all been stuffed with matters of highly philosophical value and related with strong literary sense. She could not attend even Primary School due to extreme poverty. Strangely, she was taught all by herself in the School of Nature. The weird and wonderful life is possibly the souse of her vast experience and profound realization. She was born on 17 July, 1928 and passed away on 22 January, 2011. Listen to what Ma-Mahajnan said once: What I tell you briefly about the early phase. Listen first about my life. I was married off at the age of thirteen. I was the second wife, my husband married for the second time and thus I came into his family. I didn’t get any chance for schooling.” You’ll perhaps weep to hear how I came as a wife, driven by utter poverty or how they packed me off. After that all at once I slowly progressed in the domain of that ‘Nothingness’-- “I’m the Mother; the Nothingness, too.”

Asokananda Prosad, Ma-Mahajnan's first disciple, is an engineer, a philosopher and a philanthropist. Being the missing son—the eldest and the first disciple of Great Ma-Mahajnan, he has had to shoulder so many burdens of Ashram and Temple. He has long been translating Works of Ma-Mahajnan, written in Bengali, into English. The Mother didn’t just put those in black and white, but simply expressed, extempore and spontaneous, in a state of “Conscious Trance” and Asokananda, along with his brothers and sisters of Ashram and Temple, got those tape-recorded. Director of Pub. Div. : Adarsha Prokashani; Editor of Journals : Nandan Kanan & Sudhi Sahitya; General Secretary : Ma-Mahajnan Vishwa Kalyan Trust; Secretary : Society for the Formation of Character and Sequence; Independent Scholar : Philosophy Documentation Center, Ohio, USA; An Inaugural Member as a Leading Philosopher of the World : 2006; International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England; Invited to join The XXII World Congress of Philosophy 2008, held in Seoul, Korea, from 30 July to 5 August, 2008.