From Diet-Junky to a Super Woman or YOUR PERFECT DIET.

It all started when I was a teenager 12-13 years old.
I Started worrying about my body image, comparing myself to supermodels on the covers of magazines, started trying “miracle diets” that were supposed to magically turn me into one of those cover girls.

I didn’t have problems with weight or health really but I had a problem with my head.
I thought I was not good enough for amazing life and all gifts it has to offer: fulfilling job, recognition and success, trips around the world, great relationship and amazing loving boyfriend, nice clothes and other material things as well as just nice relaxed life on the beaches of the world where every day I can enjoy breath-taking views, peaceful sounds of waves, amazing sunrises and sunsets with the man of my dreams
I thought I was not good enough for all this unless I looked like one of those girls on the covers of the magazines.

So diet after diet I tried almost all of them: calorie restriction, no fat, no carb, high carb, weight watchers, Japanese diet, cabbage soup diet, juice diet, fasting, fruit diet, carbohydrate cycling, fitness diet, master cleanse, macrobiotics, Zone diet, Atkins, Rice diet – you name it, I tried it.
Sounds familiar? How many of you can relate? How many of you had that experience?
Always trying to find that ideal diet that will make you look like million bucks, feel gorgeous and fabulous and worthy of everything this world has to offer?
Have you ever felt like you were searching for this one thing, one magic trick that will give you everything you’ve ever dreamt of?
I’ve been there, for more than a decade, I know how it feels and how much pain the frustration of another failed attempt can bring.

I’m so happy that now I’m free of that. Free of the search, content, confident and at peace with myself.
I love myself unconditionally and ALWAYS feel like million bucks!
Although what you put on your plate only can’t fix you completely it sure helps when you find YOUR perfect diet that gives you certainty that at least this part of the equation is out of the picture and you can concentrate on other aspects of your life: relationships, career, creativity, success and fulfillment.
And you know what’s the best thing is? This diet works for every one! I’m not joking – it works for everyone!
If you want to come to peace with your food and yourself, start loving your body and all of you unconditionally, stop worrying about your food, calories, weight loss and numbers on the scales and get on with your life – try it!
I call this diet “Super Woman Diet”!

Why? Because it allows you to become this Super Woman you were meant to be. It allows you to feel beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous and ready to take on the world and chase your dreams any day of the week, 365 days a year!
The diet is pretty simple. It has 3 principles:
1. Be Flexitarian.
2. Be Nutritarian.
3. Follow 90/10 principle.
Now that can sound a bit confusing at first but it’s pretty simple actually. I’ll explain in a moment.
No rules about what you should or shouldn’t eat, when or how much, no forbidden foods, no counting calories, no “time” rules(like don’t eat after 6). Just common sense and intuition: two qualities that we women have in abundance.
1. Be Flexitarian.

Eat foods that your body craves. Your body never does mistakes, it never misses a heart beat, never stops breathing and always knows what’s best for you.
If your body needs more meat or fish today – then be it, if you want more fruits or veggies – don’t hesitate to add some to your plate.
Don’t feel like eating salads today instead want so more grains or pasta? Go for it!
There is only one thing I want to add(otherwise you’ll just start eating junk food all day long ): when you feel like eating something – make sure it’s natural, whole food that doesn’t have addictive substances like: processed sugar and salt, flavor enhancers, preservatives, artificial flavorings and chemicals, trans fats, anything refined. You should be able to recognize all the ingredients on your plate and for sure should be able to read and pronounce them without a feeling that you are in a chemistry class again.
2. Be Nutritarian.

Eat nutrients: micronutrients(vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals found in plant foods and some animal foods), macronutrients(the appropriate amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates based on individual needs).
As many of them as possible!
Avoid Toxic substances: foods that are void of nutrients or harmful to the body
Foods that should be consumed:
• Raw and cooked vegetables
• Fresh fruits
• Nuts and seeds
• Legumes
• Whole grains
• Fish
• Eggs

Foods that should be avoided:
• Processed foods
• Refined sugar
• Trans fats
• Alcohol
• Caffeinated beverages

3. Follow 90/10 principle.

Follow above principles 90% of the time and eat whatever you body/heart and soul desire the rest of the time!
Anything goes here: chocolate, ice-cream, cookies, candies, potato chips…
But then again when I indulge I prefer to have everything I want the best quality I can find because I DESERVE IT! 
Organic gourmet raw chocolate, organic exotic-flavored ice-cream, organic sea-salt potato chip, organic multi-grain bread or organic vegan donuts with some organic coffee…Indulgence turns into taste bud adventure and exploration!
So yummy and doesn’t have anything that kills your body, your temple!

10% of the time means 1-2 meals a day or a small piece of your favorite treat every day that you can savor feeling amazing pleasure and no guilt because you know that you take good care of yourself 90% of the time.

So to sum up.
On a Super Woman diet you
do not eliminate any food from your diet completely
allow yourself to eat what your body craves
listen to your body and it’s needs all the time
eat good quality whole nutrient dense foods 90% of the time
allow yourself to indulge the rest 10% of the time

Super Woman diet will give you:
• Fit Sexy body
• Health
• Confidence
• Radiance that comes from within
• Energy and Courage to go after your dreams and be your perfect self

P. S. “Super Woman” diet can be a “Super Man” diet also!

Author's Bio: 

Health/Weight Loss/Fitness/Life Coach; Raw Vegan Educator and Chef.
Passionate about holistic health and fitness, amazing, vibrant and fulfilling life, delicious raw vegan food.
Her mission is to help one person at a time one step at a time to get into best shape possible physically and mentally through healthy eating, holistic lifestyle, fitness and positive mindset naturally and easy to discover your true potential and go after your dreams. She believes that when you have healthy vibrant body your whole life becomes a pleasant never ending adventure full of happy joyous moments.