Late the other night, awaking for a midnight muse that lasted longer than the initial thought shook me awake, I played a meditation by Master Chunyi Lin. The iPhone came in handy for playing Taps at midnight; as soon as I hit the play button, the inspiration was clear that this is the only time spirit can get my undivided attention, when all the music in the park has stopped and every last distraction of the day has ceased to pull me from the simplicity of inspiration. Within seconds I knew that his words were precisely what were required to get chapter one written, and then peacefully he guided me back to sleep.

That night, he reminded me of the simple theory of everything, that we are energy, everything in the universe is energy; therefore, we are all one and connected. Furthermore energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but only transformed. Mouthing these words like mantras over the years did not have the same impact as that night when at last the can opener cracked a hole in the lid and the smell of tomatoes filled the air.

In his guided tour of energy he uses the example of the caterpillar that moves into a state of chrysalis, a hard leathery-like pouch, unable to move hidden underneath a leave, appearing dead, before emerging as a beautiful winged one that brings joy wherever it flies.

All life systems go through a similar transformation and rigorous renewal, including businesses. Back in my youth, with little forethought, I opened a restaurant. Fueled by innate talent that had been honed by a year of cooking school following college, I embarked headwind into chaos. The day after the grand opening, my father, the banker, had a massive stroke. Besides devastating my plan to work with my dad, soon afterwards the line of credit withered like grapes in the hot desert sun. More tragedy soon followed, but fueled with a chefs' knife and sheer will, I cut through the sinew and continued on toward year two.

Year two came on like a Syracuse chill. Gritting my teeth, hard work, and writing checks for Friday's fish with the following Monday's money was the norm. Looking back now, I smile at the cocky determination and furiousness of spirit that guided me through the initial business. After five years, I began a ten year stint getting what I refer to as my masters at the expense of my authenticity as I worked for a serial string of corporate hotels and country clubs.

There is a reality of business that includes entering into a state of chrysalis, and it is a stage that requires willingness to step into a void. Wiser with a few more tools in the toolbox, I left the job with benefits, to create again. After selling the second house which only a steady paycheck could afford, I was cushioned to embark on a journey toward creating a business that would allow me to be authentically me.

The money chased the dream, and like egg whites in my hand, the money slipped though my fingers leaving only the yolk. At this point, I was ready to give up again. Out came the resume and the business suit. No one would hire me. A former boss-turned-friend, told me to forget the job as I was really to far over the cliff, and to keep going.

Sure enough, as I pried the clenched fingers from the rock, I fell. Before me were all the missed opportunities and preconceived ideas jetting from the exposed roots as a reminder of adversity overcome. Landing in a spiritual net, the phone rang and destiny called. It was only from the vantage point of the bottom of the valley could I see the new pathways up the next peak. New opportunities emerged like butterflies.

Experiencing this twice in my life has taught me that there is always a pivotal moment in accessing our dreams. There is a place where the only way to cross to the next mountain is a bridge called Faith. In business and in life there are no certain outcomes, but without going into a pupa like the caterpillar your dreams will remain earthbound, unable to fly.

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Renee Baribeau, know to her coaching clients as The Practical Shaman for her non-nonsense spiritually-based approach to business, is an author, speaker, coach, and is now offering a group mastermind for heart-centered business owners. If you have a dream that needs to take flight, check out the upcoming Free Teleclass Series called Raising the BAR: Building Authentic Relationships beginning on August 21 ( Following this informative series with 20 leaders who have built their business on their unique Business Archetype. This fall, Renee will be conducting group online workshops to teach Relationship Marketing using Social Media and Content Curation. She is also available for one-on-one coaching.

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