Thoroughbred racing’s most crucial and integral feature happens to be the horse himself/herself and only when the real sports machine is ready to set foot on the racing track can there be a possibility of a competition.
Racing has always been the test of stamina, speed and skill and thoroughbreds are bred to inherit just that. If the pedigree was mapped back to its originators, we would be left with Godolphin, Darley Arabian and Byerly Turk, the three sires to have started the breed of thoroughbreds. Each horse, designed specifically for racing can trace its bloodline to any of these three sires and England, where they were bred.
Once the breeding picked up pace and the expertise in managing stables worth numerous racing prodigies bloomed, the sports began expanding its influence from England into the North American continent. When the sports actually took off as a royal game can still not be determined but it was in the early 19th century that the sport invited more awareness and indulgence of the rich and famous. And hence, emerged a royal variation of horse racing going through the centuries long metamorphosis of developing into a sophisticated profession and entertainment.
Thoroughbreds, those that raced the early ages of the sport, from centuries ago, defined power. Their most prized characteristics in those days were unmatched endurance, the strength to take up dead heats for miles all together, and still sustain them. Horses then were less prone to injury; they were in lame terms sturdier and machine like. Distances or change in contours over land never influenced their performances. The races then were the ultimate test of stamina and rarely speed.
However, as they evolved, the stamina took a back seat and speed overtook every other characteristic. Racing skills began to be measured in Beyer Speed Figures and new age thoroughbred racing was conceived. The horses bred these recent decades have most primarily concentrated on shorter distances, no dead heats and extreme speeds. Talking about speed reminds everyone of the great ‘Secretariat’, whose speed during the Triple Crown could not be measured as the Beyer was established as a standard speed measuring unit, is believed to have run at as high at 139 Beyer, a speed that has been inconceivable by all thoroughbreds till date.
Hand in hand with the evolution of the thoroughbreds and their associated skill set, the sport as a whole has also changed. It has more to offer, and it no longer remains a simple event that would last a few minutes. There are betting stations, online gaming and even casino games designed to make the sport a wholesome experience and not just a herd of horses running for wire. Apart from catering to the interested players at the race tracks, the games have transcended to great domestic levels through online horse racing. And that became feasible through the 3D version of the game designed by Horse Racing Simulation LLC.
Racing game downloads can now be obtained from their gaming site HorseRaceGame where players can register, download and start participating in online tournaments with horses of their choice. These horses are designed in fine 3D graphics with extreme attention paid to detail. Every horse’s characteristics are a direct portray of their real life characteristics that helps keep the game as close to real as possible. Online messaging board helps the players interact while they game and also win real prizes.
It’s amazing how the sport of horse racing has travelled from the breeding barns of England to all personal gaming consoles of racing enthusiasts worldwide. Only a true gamer will realize.

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