The public's perception of insurance professionals is quite different from who they truly are. The insurance industry has evolved with time, and so have professionals. They are no longer the serious, boring people desperate to convince you to buy an insurance policy. These professionals are a storehouse of financial knowledge and will help you convert your insurance policy into a money-making tool or investment channel. Brittany McGhee is one such professional who has been helping many families secure their wealth and also paving the way for more aspiring young women into the industry who want to be independent. 


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Brittany McGhee has an impressive 7 years of experience in the insurance industry. Besides being a licensed professional in the fields of life, health, and property insurance, as well as casualty insurance, she is also an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and agent. She owns an event space where she will be hosting an educational event in May this year for young women aspiring to enter the insurance industry. 

Brittany’s career might look like a dream one, but it was not like this from the beginning. She had to overcome a series of adversities in life, working harder every day to achieve the position she has today. Born into a low-income family with the ability to make something out of nothing, Brittany has always dreamed of achieving financial freedom. Her real-life struggle began after she moved to Charlotte, NC. 

After experiencing family related challenges, Brittany had less than $1.6k to survive for the rest of her life. To earn a living, she started working as a bartender, at hookah lounges, and also as an Uber driver. After shifting from one job to another, she realized that a 9 to 5 was not enough to achieve her financial goals, so she started multiple side hustles. She discovered her forte after working at a call center where she had to sell insurance. Brittany quickly realized she was great at it and soon quit her job to work as an independent agent. 

Brittany battled depression but never gave up on her dreams. She continued working and soon figured out a way to make uncapped income as an insurance agent. She has a thriving career now and is on track to become the first self-made millionaire in her family. Looking back at her journey, Brittany regrets not having a guide or mentor to help her navigate the industry. She learned by making mistakes and incurring losses, falling back and forth with every decision in her life. Now she is determined to be the guide for other aspiring women that she wishes she had during her initial phase. 

With an unparalleled knowledge of the finance and insurance industries, Brittany is all set to help “women who want more but just do not know where to start.” She is launching her agency, which will offer financial education courses covering A to Z of credit, investing, managing finances, and real estate. She wants to help more young women enter the insurance industry because she doesn't want others to make the same mistakes she did. 

Brittany shares, "As a young woman, I wish I had someone to pour into me and guide me earlier—I would have probably been a multimillionaire by now." She is looking forward to collaborating with other insurance professionals to launch a unique mentorship program that young, aspiring women can truly benefit from.

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