I was depressed for most of my life. I had severe stress, odd phobias, and no doctor knew what to make of me. As a child and teenager, doctors gave me medications to ease my symptoms, and while it helped, it didn't stop my ultimate, irrational fears of going to be dead in a plane crash, deep, cold, water, and getting shot in a store. It wasn't until my mid-twenties when I explored the idea that maybe these fears were not a product of my imagination but, actually, legitimate concerns. But- how is that possible?
It may be found in a concept called "cell memory." It entails that cells in our body retain memories from the past. How far back, scientists don't really know yet.

What they do know is that these cells can help OR hurt us. Can they give us feelings of fear, as well?

As a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and animal intuitive, I work with people every day exploring irrational fears, suppressed memories, and depression. During a session, I have a knack of getting right to the heart of the matter. I have found with clients that irrational fears sometimes come from a place of feeling out of control in your life. For me, I grew up feeling very "out of control." Fears helped me gain control and strangely comforted me. It sometimes has to do with past-life trauma, which can carry over into this lifetime with "soul memory"

Whatever the background of your fear or trauma, a psychic medium can help get to the bottom of why you have it in the first place. Once you understand how the fear came about, your body naturally releases it. It's a beautiful thing that I have witnessed right in front of me. Clients that were once sad and despondent start to smile. It's as if they are given permission to let go of the pain, and healing can take place.

Healing can take place in many forms. Sometimes it involves writing a letter to your past, getting into all the nitty-gritty details before burning the letter, or throwing it away. Other times, it involves consciously letting go of people or situations in your life that are unhealthy. Whatever the case, it is a process. Every day might feel slightly better. Until one day, you wake up and feel free of your past sadness.

For me personally, my depression and anxiety loosened its grip on me when I became honest about my abilities as a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and animal intuitive. Once I started helping others by using my gift, my depression seemed to vanish. I like to think it is because I was genuinely honoring the light within me, by helping others shine their light brighter. Self-care involves taking care of ourselves, but sometimes, taking care of others as well. Whatever the case, may we remember that we are all on this journey together, and we are never truly, alone.

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Beethy Chang