Breaking up with your ex is a tragic and depressing part in relationships. You can choose to move on and let go, or stay by trying to get your ex back.

The only problem when it comes to making up with your ex is your pride. Although you still have strong feelings, you seem to be too scared to commit with the risk of getting hurt again. If you feel this way, and you think that the person is worth a second chance, then forget about your pride.

Controlling your emotions will just lead you to breaking down. Know how to get your ex boyfriend back in a manner that does not drive him away. Read these four free tips to get your ex back:

1. Take care and value your self more.

Most of the time, relationships do not work because the person might have spent too much time on his or her partner and lost track of taking care of themselves. As a result, it creates feelings of insecurity and self-pity. But you can overcome these negative feelings by pampering yourself. Pull yourself together and keep your body fit and your looks beautiful. It is one way of boosting your self-esteem and bringing your confidence back. So when your ex sees you, he or she will be attracted to the confidence and radiance that you once showed.

2. Keep in touch with your ex.

Staying in touch with your ex is a helpful advice if you think your relationship deserves a second shot. It may be difficult and awkward at first but it is one way of getting updates about his or her current life. You can open up conversations about the good times you have spent together. However, it will not be a good idea to communicate with your ex if he or she already has someone new. It is already a signal that he or she has moved on from the feelings he or she once had for you.

3. Get a new look.

You can get him back or her back with a new look. Relationships that have lasted for more than a year sometimes lead to self-neglect. You would rather spend time and money with your partner than going to the gym and shopping for new clothes. Breakups will make you realize that you have not been fair to yourself.

So have yourself a make over. You can change your hair color or hair cut, buy new outfits, eat and sleep right, and establish exercise routines. All these healthy activities will develop and reflect a positive vibe in you. It helps you feel better despite the breakup and your ex will feel that as well.

4. Let your ex come to you.

It is never a good idea to chase or stalk your ex if you want him or her back. It will only give them the wrong idea that you can not live without them. Keep it cool so your ex will feel that you are doing fine despite the breakup. Try to do all the other tips to regain your self-esteem back.

Confidence attracts attention and interest. Learning these free tips to get your ex back will surely make him come running back to you in no time.

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