When manufacturers in the HVAC industry need help with their sales and marketing to make it easier for engineers to promote their products, they turn to Rob Ambrosetti at KGG Consulting.

Rob has worked at all levels of the HVAC industry and grew up in a family that ran their own small refrigeration business. Although he gained a teaching degree, he ultimately came back to the industry and put his skills as an educator to work there.

“I take my knowledge, based on what I’ve learned in the field,” said Rob, “and I create a training curriculum, much of it based around indoor air quality – how to help folks breathe better in our indoor spaces. I still get to enjoy teaching to our trade.”

Despite Rob’s perfect combination of experience in the industry and his expertise in education, he still found a challenge on his hands. The very best training he could offer wasn’t matched by the results they wanted to achieve. And instead of just accepting that, Rob ultimately found a solution that has become a roaring success and a brilliant ‘good news story’ – especially when you consider how the economy has been affected as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s a great example of how just one sales tool can put those sales on steroids, with an exponential return on investment. And in the challenging times of Coronavirus, it’s helped maintain an income for small-business owners, created new jobs at the manufacturing plants, and enabled more people to benefit from breathing clean air in their homes or offices.
How To Sell Clean Air HVAC Solutions

Whether it’s the sales and marketing training that Rob and KGG Consulting provide or their Rep Talk podcast for the HVAC industry, engineers in the field have benefitted greatly from their efforts, as well as the manufacturers. By helping the pros who make service calls to better explain the benefits of the products available, the end-user – the customer – also gets what they want: cleaner and more efficient HVAC systems.

“We’ve tested our devices, and they’re effective against airborne bacteria and viruses, including Strep and MRSA,” said Rob. “We don’t have Covid to test the devices with. There’s no guarantee that somebody isn’t going to get sick, but by having air purification technology in your house versus not having it, I think you are better off. We’re testing right now with a different virus as a surrogate for Covid-19.”

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions are now one of their most popular products, especially in the age of Coronavirus, and Rob and his team have been educating the HVAC engineers on how best to talk about and sell them. Although they were having some success, with around one sale in every ten customer visits, there was still a problem preventing sure-fire results.

“It was a pretty traditional process,” Rob explained. “We would educate our distributors and their customers – the contractors – with in-person training. We were heavily reliant on in-person training, but when you rely on that training, a contractor sitting in that class isn’t always going to remember what they learned.”

Rob Ambrosetti training HVAC contractors on IAQ products.
Engineers Aren’t Comfortable Salespeople

“For the hour that he’s there with you for the training,” said Rob, “the engineer then has to take that message and go to the customer. We can give them notes. We gave them sheets and pamphlets and brochures. We tried to spell out the different advantages of the technology.

“It was all done verbally, in-person through training and classes. But it left it up to the contractor to be able to explain the technology and processes in these devices. If somebody’s not comfortable talking about those technologies, they’re not going to bring it up in conversation.

“That limits the opportunities they have to sell – and to help people breathe better air.”
Costly In-Person Training, Inconsistent Results

That traditional training process was costly and time-consuming. No matter how much time and effort were invested in the training, they could only work with so many engineers at once, and once the training was over, there was little to no control over how those techs would perform when out in the field.

The success of the manufacturers of the air-purifying products is ultimately down to the performance of the HVAC techs making the service and sales calls. While the manufacturers’ customers are the distributors, it’s the techs buying from those distributors that have to make the sale.

Rob knows that it’s in the best interests of the manufacturers to have an effective and educated sales force out on the road, in the form of the engineers who actually see the end-customers, whether that’s a home-owner or someone responsible for a commercial building or office.

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