Whether you are a corporate traveler or a private vacationer: everybody is looking for the best hotel at the lowest price. As a specialist for business travelers, ehotel offers the largest possible range of hotels and META SEARCH technology, thereby reducing the indirect costs of business trips. Like many middle-class children Fritz Zerweck’s path seemed to be predetermined by his parents’ line of work with a successful journey. The innovative meta-search technology was developed under his leadership, which enables customers to search for all available rooms from all leading hotel room providers, tour operators, resellers, and hotel contingents.

Exciting Experience

The coincidence that brought Fritz Zerweck to the board of ehotel might have caused the most impactful change in his life. In finance, Fritz always felt like he was juggling with abstract values, and like he was under constant pressure to succeed. Of course, he also had many exciting experiences in this industry; but the work at ehotel is less abstract, the team is closer to the people it supports with the service. Here, it is not all about profit optimization, but about satisfied customers.

In contrast to vacation travel, business trips can often be strenuous and require additional work – usually in several departments simultaneously. ehotel eliminates many stress factors for travelers, travel agents, accountants, and other involved employees, and helps companies save time and money and streamline its booking and expense management processes. Of course, Fritz also uses and benefit from the ehotel advantages when it comes to his own business trips.

Simplifying for the Travelers and Companies

“Maintaining my entrepreneurial spirit is not difficult: Now as always, I believe that we are doing a great job at ehotel, and that we are simplifying the work of business travelers and companies around the world,” says Fritz Zerweck. As a one-stop-shop, it always has to keep up with the times and provide technologies to cover needs before they even arise. The ehotel team and Fritz enjoy this challenge, and so it grows with the tasks.

“It certainly doesn’t hurt for a CEO to have strong nerves and perseverance, but I think it is just as important to be a fair team player and to be able to get others excited about your vision. It is not only more motivating for employees when they know they are taken seriously and can actually make a difference in the company. It is also more pleasant for managers when they are supported and do not have to deal with problems on their own. At ehotel, I do not feel left alone with the responsibilities and risks – that keeps my head clear for creative approaches and new goals,” asserts Fritz.

Relaxed Work Environment

ehotel works together as a team. Everyone is important and everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas and improve the ways of working. And its employees like to use that. Fritz Zerweck does not present himself as an emperor or preach that his way is the only right way to do things. On the contrary, his decisions as a Chief Executive Officer should be transparent and comprehensible for the team as well. This is how the company has been growing naturally for years and this is how it celebrates all successes, as the reward for the joint efforts. Beyond that, ehotel provides a good foundation for a relaxed work environment, with modern technology, a pleasant atmosphere, opportunities for further training, open communication channels, and flexible working hours.

Quick and Easy Assistance

Ehotel specializes in making business trips easier for business travelers and their companies by offering an endto-end hotel booking experience along with simplifying the search, organization, and billing process. Since it offers a complete package that covers everything from planning to billing, the company is automatically broadly positioned.

ehotel’s diverse portfolio is based on two pillars: innovative meta-search technology and personal, around-the-clock customer service. With its comprehensive meta-search technology, travelers can search for suitable hotels among seven million offers from various providers. The filter function can take into account internal company specification as well as other factors like sustainability or corporate owned negotiated rates.

At the same time, ehotel’s customer service provides quick and easy assistance with questions and problems, whether they concern individual trips or the organization of large corporate events, conferences, or meetings. As a hotel booking platform, it offers companies as an add-on, a worldwide applicable central payment and billing solution that does all of the work for them from collective invoices to claiming VAT refunds from abroad. Of course, customers can also search for and book hotels without company access, be it for private or business travel.

What Modern Technology Means to ehotel?

Without modern technology, this business would not even exist. As a hotel booking platform, ehotel’s meta-search technology is the core of its business. It combines companies’ respective guidelines with business travelers’ personal preferences and provides all necessary information for planning trips, meetings, conferences, and the like. The innovative search engine is also the foundation of the other time-and cost-saving service technologies that it offers, like the ehotel Rate Manager tool or the ehotel central billing system. Of course, the company is constantly working to evolve and advance its technologies.

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