Friends are like bras... close to your heart and there for support.

I don’t know who said it so I can’t give credit. I love it though, don’t you? I’m going to take it a step further though and say, “Your support system is like a great bra, close to your heart, helps to hold you up and has your back covered too!”

Having a great support system is an essential part of your personal and professional development. Especially when you have chosen to take on a “will do” attitude and a no-excuses approach. When you have the support of a few key peeps, who you know – without a doubt - you can count on, it makes the journey easier and more effective.

I don’t know about you, but I often get caught in the “I can do it myself” trap and before I know it I have taken on way too much and I feel exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed! I am stretched so thin that nothing is getting done and I feel defeated. Do you know what I mean?

Unfortunately though, when we look around at the people in our lives, not all of them have chosen to take charge like you have and they are not in a place to give you the support you need. Have you noticed how when you move closer to living authentically, that some of these people show little or no support and sometimes they make it harder for you? What’s up with that?

Many of my clients ask if it is OK to terminate a relationship that is no longer serving them? Of course it is! HOW you do it is just as important though. But that topic is for another conversation.

Here are my top three reasons WHY and HOW to deliberately create your own personal support system.

Top 3 Reasons WHY You Need to Create a Personal Support System:

  1. You don’t have to do this alone. This journey of self-awareness can be very lonely. You must surround yourself with people who hold a space for you that supports and maximizes your highest potential.
  2. Accountability. With a strong support system in place you can create an accountability partner who will help keep you on task and moving forward.
  3. A Soft Place to Land. When things go wrong, which they definitely will sometimes, your support system will be there to hold you, love you and provide you with the gentleness you need until you are ready to move on. They can also give you the loving nudge to move you along if you get stuck.

HOW to Deliberately Create Your Personal Support System in 3 Easy Steps.

  1. Set your intention as to why you want this support system. You and your team need to understand the big agenda here. Is it to get through your latest break up? Take your business to the next level? Or make your physical and emotional well being a priority? Make sure everyone is on the same page.
  2. Cherry-pick the members of your team. Choose carefully whom you allow on your team. Speak to each person individually and share your goals and intentions. Make sure they are willing to play the role you ask of them.
  3. Hire a mentor. Find someone with whom you resonate so strongly and who has been where you are to gently, yet powerfully show you the way.
Author's Bio: 

Aimee Yawnick has been mentoring women to make personal growth and development a priority for over 15 years. First, in the Health and Fitness Industry, now as a Personal Life Coach. With proven tools and systems Aimee helps her clients move swiftly and smoothly from a life of just going through the motions and merely existing to being an active participant and living life to the fullest!

If you are a highly motivated and results-oriented woman who understands the value of developing your SELF, and you are ready to accelerate your personal growth in order to play a BIGGER GAME in your personal and professional life, contact Aimee now.