Remember you closest friends in high school? The people that you were closest to and knew that you always would be? How many of them are still in your life on a regular basis? Do you ever wonder how it is possible to go from being so close to no friendship at all?
We can go through any stage of our lives with most of the people that we were close to no longer part of our lives. While this is sad, it is normal. We are close to people that are going through the same stage as we are. While we are in high school, all of our friends are in high school, probably in the same activities we are interested in. If we go on to college, our friends become college friends. When we get married, suddenly all of our friends are also married. Then we are diapering little ones, everyone else in our lives are also dealing children issues. When you are busy with children, all you talk about, all of your focus is on the kids. The friends that do not have kids do not have the same avid interest in how many times your kid pooped that day.
People on different paths than we are on do not typically stay close to us. This does not mean that we are evil or mean for not keeping them in our lives, nor does it mean that they are. We just do not have enough in common to remain close. Perhaps there may be another stage in our lives that we become close again. Or perhaps that will never happen again.
So, honor your friends and the time that you have with them. Cherish the memories that you are making. Then when it is time to let go, let go with love and respect. It is time to go to a different stage.
Always, always, enjoy the journey.

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