When Hillary Clinton ran for president, she declared, "Love trumps hate" every time.

Although Clinton lost in what would be one of the most surprising upsets in the U.S.A's 200+ year history, I have to wonder, was she right?

Don't worry. This post won't wax political, but it will wax philosophical, even psychological.

I was asked today on Quora why negative memes go viral more often than memes that aren't negative on social media.

Do they? I don't think so. Here are my Friday thoughts on this topic:

There are many advantages of using social media including the ability to make people feel good, no, great, on social media.

How? There are many ways to make people feel good on social media.

There may be many pros and cons of Instagram , but you can certainly use the popular site to make people feel good.

For instance, Instagram is famous for its inspirational quotes. Put good vibe quotes on Instagram. Accompany your quote with a hashtag so people can find your content.

Use #GoodVibesQuotes, #HappyQuotes, #FunnyQuotes, #SuccessQuotes, #InspirationalQuotes, #PositivityQuotes and the like. People will be sure to smile.

Why not put your good vibes quotes in your Facebook status? Instagram doesn't have to be the only place you make people smile.

Forgive me. I digress. The Quora question was about the factors for viral memes. Negative or positive? The Quoran said "negative," but I maintain "positive."

Memes go viral because they resonate with people. They touch a nerve. Also, memes go viral because they are cute and funny.

Does negativity really enter into it? Not the memes I've seen.

In closing, am I wrong? Am I in a naive bubble? Hey, I like to smile. Who doesn't?

Look: positivity on social media makes people smile.

Negativity on social media lands people banned from social media sites. Then, they have to try to figure out how to get out of Facebook Jail.

Why would people choose the latter?

Negativity has bad consequences.

Positivity has good consequences.

Forgive this weak, cheesy ending.

Now go make someone smile on social media. Feel free to tell them I sent you.

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