The Hindu’s epic Mahabharata says that a religious person when offers fresh flowers to the deity with faith, the deities are impressed and bless him with prosperity.

Flowers are important for all Hindu religious ceremonies

Certainly, flowers play an important role in the Hindu religion, and prayers are incomplete without offering fresh flowers to the deities.

Whether you are performing a religious ceremony and carrying out Aarti it is incomplete without offering flowers. In Hindu religion offering flowers to Gods and Goddesses is believed to be auspicious but it has its significance as well.

Well, most people offer any flower to God and it is fine as God considers your faith and pure heart. But, there are some flowers considered as favorites of different Gods. It can get you prosperity and good fortune.

Flowers used for Indian Pooja

When it comes to flowers for Indian Pooja, different flowers are used are

Dhatura flowers

Offering flowers to God and Goddesses in Indian culture is an old tradition that continues for centuries now.

Importance of Pooja flowers

Do you know the importance of flowers in Hindu rituals and poojas? Well, your pooja is incomplete without offering fresh flowers to the Lord.

Well, the word “Pooja” means to adore, respect, and treat with devotion and honor.

According to Indian tradition it is believed that offer the favorite flower of each God helps you impress God.

It is not just a belief but also there is a scientific reason behind it. The color and fragrance of each flower carry individual frequencies. Hence each flower attracts a specific God/Goddess.

Fresh flowers are essential

It is essential to offer fresh flowers to the deities. This is because you are showing your devotion, faith, and love towards the Lord.

You are presenting pure worship and faith in the Lord by offering fresh flowers. When you offer fresh flowers to the idols of Gods/Goddesses you feel the power of freshness and divinity while you ask God to fulfill your wishes.

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