Prostatitis is a common male disease in life. Once it happens, it will bring about various effects, so active treatment is the key. Many people know that prostatitis will bring a lot of harm to men, but some do not know what symptoms of prostatitis.

Nine out of ten is prostatitis when the following five cases appear.

1. Frequent and urgent urination

Local inflammatory stimulation will lead to changes in the urinary system, resulting in a series of urinary symptoms, such as frequent urination, urgency, voiding, weakness, etc. Do a check when these symptoms occur and pay attention to distinguish them from a UTI. Frequent urination and urgency are also the main symptoms of a UTI.

2. Pelvic pain

Men need to pay attention to certain parts of the body. Sudden pain can also be a sign of disease. If there is a pain in the pelvic cavity or pubis, it may be related to prostatitis. Prostatitis in the onset of inflammation will stimulate the nerve, leading to nerve tissue pain. Besides pain, sometimes the patient will feel swelling.

3. There is discomfort in the area around the prostate

After infection with prostatitis, patients will feel the strong sense of falling swelling in the prostate and surrounding anus area, and even cause restlessness in severe cases. Or the prostate and peripheral nerves are affected so that patients feel the pudendal contraction.

4. Sexual dysfunction

The continuous stimulation of inflammation will make men ejaculate pain in their sexual life. As time goes on, they will be afraid of sexual life. Their sexual desire will decline and even have sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other problems.

5. Increased nocturia

We all know that nocturia is caused by prostate or kidney problems, especially in middle-aged and older adults. If you frequently get up to the toilet, you should pay attention to eliminate kidney problems, and there may be prostatitis. The inflammation can lead to repeated congestion of the prostate and compression of the bladder so that patients always feel like urinating. This feeling is more apparent when sleeping at night. So people who don't drink too much water before going to bed but get up to urinate frequently should be alert to prostatitis.

What should you pay attention to when suffering from prostatitis?

Once suffering from prostatitis, active treatment is needed. Distinguish prostatitis is bacterial prostatitis or nonbacterial prostatitis when treating it. Bacterial prostatitis needs to select sensitive antibiotics according to which kind of bacteria causes prostatitis. But most of the clinical prostatitis is nonbacterial chronic prostatitis, so the effect of antibiotics is limited. Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pillis a good choice compared to antibiotics.

If there are some people with sexual dysfunction, they may also choose drugs to improve sexual function. Many people with prostatitis have anxiety symptoms, so some patients also take anti-anxiety, anti-depression drugs.

In addition to insisting on drug treatment, maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid long-term sedentary, holding urine, and take measures to keep warm. At the same time, quit spicy and stimulating food to prevent inflammation is stimulated and aggravate discomfort. At ordinary times, strengthen physical exercise, promote blood circulation, and maintain a regular couple's life without excessive indulgence.

Warm tips:

Prostatitis occurs with some symptoms. Men can judge and take measures according to these symptoms. Acute prostatitis without effective treatment will evolve into chronic, bring great trouble to patients. Only active treatment and good care can cure the disease and make the body return to normal.

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