Spermatorrhea is a common occurrence in many males. It is normal for men to experience symptoms of spermatorrhea two or three times a month. However, if spermatorrhea happens frequently, it becomes a pathological condition, and it is crucial to be vigilant about the possibility of other diseases. Therefore, it is important to be cautious of epididymitis resulting from frequent spermatorrhea.

Upon reaching puberty, men naturally develop sexual desires. If they engage in sexual intercourse or masturbation without regular sexual activity, it is natural for spermatorrhea to occur. Excessive preoccupation with sexual issues, extreme sensitivity to sexual stimulation, close contact with the opposite sex, or exposure to sexual stimuli in pornographic materials can stimulate the brain and continuously excite the cerebral cortex, leading to the occurrence of natural spermatorrhea.

Men experiencing frequent spermatorrhea should be cautious about the possibility of developing epididymitis.

The epididymis is a slender tube located at the upper back of the testicle, where more than ten testicular tubes converge. It then curves backwards towards the lower end of the testicle. This small tube plays a vital role in providing crucial support and nourishment to sperm, acting as a nurturing mother for their development.

Any issues affecting the epididymis can have an impact on male fertility. In clinical settings, some patients with frequent spermatorrhea have been diagnosed with epididymitis. This condition leads to frequent congestion in the genital area, pathologically stimulating the spinal ejaculation center and resulting in frequent spermatorrhea.

Frequent spermatorrhea can have detrimental effects on men's well-being, including reduced energy levels, poor sleep quality, memory loss, and overall weakness. Therefore, it is important to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, avoid factors that contribute to spermatorrhea, and maintain a normal and balanced lifestyle.

If men experience daily occurrences of spermatorrhea, it may serve as an early warning sign from the body, indicating the need for a medical examination.

Some individuals with a habit of masturbation may encounter frequent spermatorrhea every 2-3 days. This abnormal phenomenon warrants investigation to determine the underlying cause. It is important to note that not all cases of spermatorrhea are solely caused by masturbation. Men should alleviate their concerns and not bear heavy mental burdens due to nocturnal emissions.

Apart from epididymitis, genital inflammations such as balanoposthitis, phimosis balanitis (caused by excessive foreskin), prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and urethritis can contribute to penile erection and subsequent spermatorrhea.

Patients with prostatitis often experience symptoms of spermatorrhea alongside discomfort, such as frequent urination, urinary urgency, and difficulty urinating. Prolonged inflammation and irritation create a state of anxiety and unease in the patient's mind. Irritation in the prostate area during sleep can easily lead to overexcitement of the patient's nervous center, resulting in ejaculation. Prompt treatment of prostatitis is essential for effectively improving spermatorrhea in these cases.

Seminal vesiculitis can induce involuntary contractions of the seminal vesicles, leading to nocturnal emissions. This type of discharge is not related to sexual activity or masturbation but rather occurs due to the contraction of the vas deferens and seminal vesicles caused by infection from pathogenic microorganisms, ultimately resulting in ejaculation.

Frequent spermatorrhea can cause adverse changes such as mental weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and frequent dreaming, fatigue, low back and knee pain, and memory loss.

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