The French language is not as widespread as English, but it can easily claim an honorary pedestal for beauty and elegance. Who among us has not listened to a quick and incomprehensible, but such a bewitching and chic speech? Online schools of foreign languages ​​NiceTutor provides the opportunity for everyone to start learning French from the basics or improve it to the required level of communication.

To do this, you do not need to move to France or spend several hours on the road to get to the place of study. All you need is the Internet, headphones with a microphone and a computer. And from NiceTutor there are experienced private French tutors who will show you all the facets of the beauty of this language.

Distance learning languages ​​has become very popular for some time now, but recently it has been breaking all records. This is understandable, because there are a number of advantages compared to a stationary school.

Reasons for the growing popularity of teaching French online

We invite you to appreciate all the advantages of studying from home. By enrolling in  French courses online , you receive:

A comfortable place to study – you choose it yourself. An online French tutor will “come” anywhere - be it your apartment, a quiet room in a cafe, or your favorite park near your home. Find a room where you can concentrate and nothing will distract you from your work.

Accessibility – no matter where you live. Both a resident of a small town and a resident of a metropolis may have difficulty finding a good teacher and a conveniently located school. There are no such inconveniences on the Internet. You simply open Skype and the lesson begins.

Choosing a convenient time - you will create your own study schedule. Morning, afternoon, evening, weekend or weekday – any option convenient for you is possible. In addition, you yourself will determine the intensity of your classes: increase the breaks or, conversely, choose the opportunity to study with a French tutor every day.

Individual programs. Experienced teachers of the school will determine your level of language proficiency using a test in accordance with the DELF and DALF standards. Next, taking into account your deadlines, goals, interests, your training schedule will be drawn up. Whether you need exam preparation, business communication or correspondence skills, or practicing dialogues for everyday situations - everything will be taken into account.

Price – learning a language online is cheaper than attending classical lessons.

Current linguistic realities - our teacher will immerse you in the world of modern French by watching videos from popular films and TV series, reading articles from online publications and blogs.

Features of online learning and trial lesson

Sign up now and start your first lesson at - with this step France will be a little closer. Distance learning languages ​​differs from full-time study in that it requires more motivation and dedication. The result depends on how much the student wants to get what he is starting classes for - a new job, moving to another country, reading Balzac in the original. In class, looking at your fellow students and following their successes, you involuntarily pull yourself up and continue to burn with enthusiasm.

When you study at home, all this may be missing. There is always a great temptation to succumb to fatigue and cancel the activity. Is this format right for you? It's hard to know until you try it yourself. 

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