According to an article in the New York Times - Freezing your credit will soon be free. (

This is terrific news for consumers! In years past the methods and costs used to freeze your credit would vary by state, with some states charging you nothing and other states charging $15.

Freezing your credit is really the only solid way of protecting your credit profile. "Security freezes, often called credit freezes, are “absolutely” the best way to prevent criminals from using your personal information to open new accounts in your name, said Paul Stephens."

Freezing your credit involve locking your social security number with the three major bureaus. It will then require a code to unlock if you wish to open up a new line of credit.

From the world of personal finance I cannot see why someone that is able to access the internet would not begin the process of freezing their credit.

Hopefully consumers will see the light of this new valuable legal change.

Author's Bio: 

Scott W Johnson is an independent insurance broker agent based in California.