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Dear Ones,

Most of you have assumed that you have the same skills - that is a true assumption. You also assumed that you would want to use those skills in the same fashion. That is an incorrect assumption.

An apt analogy might be that many of you have similar computers even though you are interested in different areas. Some of you are most interested in exchanging e-mails, others research and still others accessing media of varying kinds.

You do not expect everyone to be interested in the same books, movies or restaurants. You accept that you must eat to nourish your physical being, but what you put into that physical being varies greatly.

You require oxygen, water and food to sustain your physical being, but you allow your uniqueness to shine through in the variety of ways you access those needs. Do you live in an area filled with smog? Or on a mountain top with miles of fresh, clean air? Or somewhere in-between?

Even with your basic necessities, you voice your freedom of choice by the selections you make. Will you be a better person if you eat well-balanced meals? No - but you will be a different person physically than someone who eats calorie rich fast foods.

The same is true for your choice of New Age skills. Some of you have an interest, and thereby a need, to explore time travel or experience travel. Others have a need to communicate differently with others. And still others, have a need to create what they want, when they want it. Some may even need to explore all three or completely different options. You will know which of your New Age skills will become operational for you by your interests.

It is not an accident that you decided to major in biology in college and your best friend to major in sociology. Neither of you is a better person - just people with different interests. And even though your sociology major friend might be intrigued by a biology course, that friend will not be intrigued enough to change majors. So it is for you as you begin delving into your new energy skills.

Some of you will be extremely interested in time travel. Such an interest tells you that your unique ability lies in exploring time travel. But then, time travel might not be your only interest area - your inner being will "light up" those skills that are most important to you at any one time.

Perhaps you are a "Renaissance" person who will explore many skills. Or a New Age person who delves deeply into one area. It does not matter. Follow your heart and you will know your role.

What if you are following your heart and find that you cannot tap into the New Age skills appropriate for your being? Do not fear, you will do so at the right time. It is NOT possible for you to do otherwise.

So allow your being to explore each new skill Brenda and others highlight in their channelings. Does their information sound exciting? Then that is your current area of interest. Do you see how simple this process is?

You have the freedom to choose which New Age skills you wish to practice and when you wish to practice them. Maybe today. Maybe next month. Or next year. Allow yourself the same freedom that the Universes have given to you.

Even if you are attracted to a certain skill or area, you have the freedom to ignore it. Your life is no longer about shoulds - it is about joy. How can you possibly be joyful if you feel forced into an area - even if that area is interesting to you?

Follow your heart and you will move in the direction that is correct for you - at a time when it is correct for you.

You might be interested in one skill today and another tomorrow. There are no tests to decide which field, which skill is the most right for you. Maybe a number of skills are. Or maybe none of them. You even have the freedom to remain in the Old Age with the comfort zones you developed during your current life.

Freedom cannot be freedom if there are any parameters of correct activity. Allow that thought to process through your current belief patterns - the patterns that tell you what you have to do or should do or be. Such beliefs are no longer valid. Allow yourself to flow with freedom.

Allow yourself to know that those skills that interest you will naturally flow into your life at the correct time.

We have already provided a few lesson plans to help develop your skill set. Some of you managed to create what you wished with those limited bits of information. That is well and good. Those skill lessons were more about expanding your interests than actually creating. Those of you who have reviewed those lessons and continue to process them are among those who will be the creation experts or experience/time travelers of this lifetime. Those of you who have put the ideas aside were merely "playing with the buttons" to see what you were capable of.

We will continue to offer lesson plans and to update you on your new skills. But allow yourself to select those skills that are most right for you which you will know by the spark of interest it creates in your being - just as you know that you are more interested in biology than sociology. So be it. Amen.

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Author's Bio: 

Brenda Hoffman is an internationally noted author, prophet and channeler. Her most quoted book is the channeled, classic, "A Glimpse of Your Future."

Prior to her retirement to South Carolina, Brenda held positions in corporate marketing, business management and social services. She has a Master of Science degree in sociology.

Since retirement, Brenda has returned to sharing her prophetic insights with others via her free, weekly channeled blog and free, 15 - minute radio show "Creation Energies". Both are available on her website: Life Tapestry Brenda's book, "A Glimpse of Your Future" can be purchased on or Life Tapestry