When we were young, very young, we made decisions about ourselves and the world we live in that have lasted throughout our lives. These decisions, or agreements about life, were made before we had a rational mind or the perspective and experience of an adult. Most of our beliefs about the world were in place before the age of five. We were only concerned with our security and being loved. And when these needs weren't met, or worse when they were violated by abuse, we came to very fearful and limiting conclusions. These early beliefs formed our perspective of the world and have directed the way we interpret our experiences for our entire life. They are filters, allowing in some experiences, twisting some around to fit our perspective and totally blocking out others. They form our reality and we will swear by what we experience. No matter how much you know differently and how much you want to experience love and freedom in your life, the old beliefs seem to jump out of the dark and control you.

There is hope.

There is hope because the past is gone. All that exists is you and the memories and charges you carry with you about the past. There is hope because although you have no control over what happened in the past, you do have control over yourself right now. Now is the moment of power. Now is where you heal. Freedom begins with the awareness that by taking charge of your inner world in the present moment, you can heal and change your experience of your outer world.

There is hope because your beliefs are just decisions, an agreement you made about life when you were very young and didn't know what you know now. If you decided it once when you were very young, you can certainly make a new decision now, one that will serve you better now that you've had more experience, have gained more understanding and have grown on all levels.

There is hope because emotions are just energy. The suffering arises when you add the mental story to explain what the energy means. Without the story, it's just energy. In fact, being excited about something feels exactly the same as being anxious about something. The difference is the story you tell yourself. So, if you can become aware of how your thoughts feed your emotions, you can stop the thoughts that are feeding the feelings, and breathe the energy away. It will shift and move. Energy wants to move. It is only a problem when it becomes stuck. It stays stuck the more you feed it the same thoughts.

There is hope because you can control your thoughts and you can choose a new belief to live by. You can align to the new belief and watch your perspective of life change. The difficulty arises because the old beliefs have so much practice doing what they do. It takes awareness and perseverance. You become aware when an old belief has control, and when you do, you can downgrade it to 'Not Important Anymore' and replace it with your new belief. Then, give your new belief some practice. Even though, at first, it may feel awkward and false, that is only because it's new and you haven't practiced it yet. Practice aligning with your new belief. Think it, talk it, walk it. When you go back to your old belief pattern, which happens frequently, don't judge, just see it for what it is and choose to take a new direction.

There is hope because every time you do this, you are identifying with the unlimited, powerful you, not the victim, not the separate, fearful ego. You are acting from your place of power. The old belief and the thoughts supporting it no longer have control over you. You have control over them. You are free and just doing some inner housework, cleaning up some old messes so you can more around better and not bump into things in the dark, so you can see out of the windows better, so you can feel more at home...and maybe even invite some friends over for a celebration!

Author's Bio: 

Begin Within founder (www.beginwithin.org) Pamela Turner has spent her life studying personal and spiritual growth and healing. Pamela has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed EmoTrance Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Certified Energy Healer for Animals and a Huna Shaman. She has also studied extensively in the fields of quantum physics, mind/body healing, Toltec Spirituality and astrology. As she got older, and after quite a bit of healing and clearing of her personal path, Pamela realized the time had come for her to apply her years of dedicated study, work and learning to the greater good. Pamela now devotes her time and energy to the creation of articles and products that promote and enhance healing and growth, performing Energy Healing for Animals and providing Healing and Recovery Coaching for people fortunate to cross her path.