This is a follow up to the four personality types, and this article will go into more detail about how to recognize the personality type of the person you are talking to on the phone and where to go from there.

Just in case you are not familiar with the four personality types that you will
encounter in your network marketing business I will do a quick review.

The four personality types:
1. The Red Shark- These people are generally impatient, like to be in control, and are money motivated.

You want to get straight to business with a Red Shark.

2. The Blue Dolphin- These people usually have a short attention span, like to talk and socialize, and are motivated by having fun or having a good time.

You want to keep your presentation interesting and focus on the big picture when dealing with a Blue Dolphin.

3. The Yellow Whale- These people value relationships over money, they are
very patient, and are turned off by pushy and aggressive people.

Do not get straight to business when dealing with a Yellow Whale. Instead focus on building a relationship first.

4. The Green Urchin- These people are generally very skeptical and critical.
They are also motivated by being right, and they usually ask a lot of questions.

Answer a few questions then point The Green Urchins to informative resources
so that they can do their own research.

Now that you have an idea of the types of people you will encounter on the
phone how do you recognize them?

You do this by controlling the conversation. That means you ask open ended
questions and then listen intently to the response.

You are looking for clues to their personality type so you know the best way to
interact with them.

You are also listening to find out their level of interest.

What happens most of the time is that a new distributor gets so excited that a
prospect actually shows interest in his or her opportunity that they become
over-zealous and end up talking so much that their prospect loses interest.

Practice on your listening skills and get good at listening and asking good

When you stop talking so much about your own interests and develop your
listening skills, people will also start to like you more.

Much Success,

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Jeremiah Carstarphen
The Cartoon Coach

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