There are 3 types of MLM prospects that you will come across while you are

building your network marketing business. This is article will teach you how to
deal with each one.

The 3 Types Of MLM Prospects

1. The Red Apple

These prospects are very interested in your product or your opportunity. They
are already presold and you do not even have to give them a presentation most
of the time.

Sometimes they already have their money or credit card in hand ready to buy your products or join your business.

Do not be over zealous and talk your Red Apple out of joining your opportunity or
buying your products.

Shut your mouth and listen to what they want, and fulfill their needs. It is that

2. The Green Apple

On a scale of 1-10 Green Apples are around a 5. They are interested in what you have to offer but they have a lot of questions.

Do not waste your time trying to convince Green Apples to buy your products or
join your business.

Again, be quiet and listen to your prospect and either answer their questions
directly or point them to good informative resources so that they can do their
own research.

Do not spend too much time with Green Apples because you want to spend the majority of your time looking for or working with Red Apples.

3. The Rotten Apple

These are basically negative people. They get their jollies off by dashing your
hopes and dreams and saying things to discourage you.

Spend zero time with Rotten Apples as soon as realize what kind of prospect they are.

Your time will be much more productive if you spend it working on your skills and
looking for Red Apples.

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