As time goes by, it is becoming increasingly difficult for someone to speak their mind in the United Kingdom. Free speech – the ability for someone to share their views – is gradually been curtailed.

As a result of this, certain things are now being called ‘hate speech’. But even though free speech is gradually being taken away, it is as though it is being done for benefit of the people who live in the country.

The Right Thing

The people at the top make out that certain things shouldn’t be said, with this being why there are things that are classed as ‘hate speech’. These people at the top, then, who know what is best, are there to make sure that the country is better for everyone.

It can seem as though this is worth it; that’s if it leads to a more harmonious nation. The biggest issue with this is that who decides what is or what isn’t acceptable?

Another Form of Control

What is clear is that the people in power are more interested in controlling people than doing what they can to allow them to stand on their own two feet. But, if this took place, these people at the top would be out of a job.

With this in mind, these people can’t reveal their true motives; they have to create the impression that everything they do is to help others. If they didn’t do this, and their motives were clear, it would probably cause an uprising.

Something to Consider

So, if someone says something that is classed as hate speech, a lot of people are going to believe that this person needs to be silenced. What will make it easier for these kinds of people to say this is that they will still be able to say what they want; their views will be seen as acceptable.

But even if this is the case at this point in time, there could come a time when what they come out with will also be classed as ‘hate speech’. This is something that these kinds of people need to bear in mind.


The trouble is that even if someone like this is silenced, it doesn’t mean that their views will simple transform. What could happen, though not being able to express their views in this manner, is that they could end up doing something that will actually cause harm.

This is then similar to how if someone doesn’t listen to their emotions, they can repress how they feel. In the short-term this might work, but as time passes, it could cause them to do something incredibly destructive.

The Civilised Approach

But although repression is generally not the best approach, it is often how a society keeps people in line. If, on the other hand, people were allowed to share their views and to have these views challenged, it would allow growth to occur.

This would then be a time when it would become clear as to whether what someone says is based on ignorance or if there is some truth to it. What this would do is make it a lot easier for people to grow and to be able to face reality.

A Big Problem

Yet, while this is how a civilised society would be, it would be a lot harder to cover things up if this were to take place. The establishment doesn’t want people to be able to call a spade a spade; they want people to be out of touch with reality.

What this comes down to is that if they were to do this, it would cause them to notice things that are not right. This is then why they need people to disregard what their own senses tell them.

The Rebels

While there are plenty of people in this country who are willing to play along by their rules, there are plenty of others who aren’t. These kinds of people are a threat, not because they are doing anything wrong, but because they have the ability to face reality.

Political correctness has not taken away their ability to see what is going on around them and/or in other parts of the country. This doesn’t mean that these people won’t feel as though they are walking on egg shells; what it means is that this is not something that is going to completely hold them back.

What’s going on?

The question is: why are the people at the top so worried about certain people being able to see what is going around them? Who are these people scared of upsetting? So scared that they are trying to stop people from paying attention to what they see with their own eyes.

These people must realise that the longer this goes on, the harder it will be for them to silence people. And, if these people can’t talk about what is going on, it might only be a matter of time before they resort to violence.

Let Down

The people at the top, who are supposed to work for the people, not the other way around, and to protect them, will be at fault. Due to their own moral cowardice, they will have left these people with no choice.

Naturally, there is only so long that the current approach will work; sooner or later, the lid will blow off, so to speak. And the longer that people are pushed down, the further they will rise when they can no longer take any more.


The ideal would have been for people to push back as soon as their right to express their views started to be undermined. But, as this was done in an indirect manner, along with the fact that there are so many distractions in today’s world, this wasn’t possible.

One way of looking at all this would be to say that in the same way that someone doesn’t just end up in prison, a society doesn’t simply end up like as a police state overnight. This approach has been described as the ‘totalitarian tiptoe’, whereby it happens so slowly that most people don’t realise what’s going on, and, as a destructive as this is, it is clearly a very effective way to do it.

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