While men are a physical expression of the masculine and women are a physical expression of the feminine, it doesn’t mean that each sex only has masculine or feminine traits within them. Now, this is not to say that each person on this planet is made up of half of one side and half of the other.

A Big Difference

It would be easy to say that men are more masculine on the inside and women are more feminine on the inside. The reason this is easy to say is that it doesn’t require much thought.

In reality, there are men on this planet who are more feminine than some women and women who are more masculine than some men. What is going on internally and what is taking place externally will play a part here.

Two Sides

When it comes to what is taking place internally, it is going to relate to the effect someone’s childhood had, what their brain is like, and their temperament. On the other hand, when it relates to what is taking place externally, what is going on around them will influence how they behave.

For example, if someone was to work in a competitive environment, it would be normal for them to become hardened. Yet, if they worked around children or in a caretaking role, this could cause them to soften.

A Big Role

With this in mind, it shows how much of an effect the environment can have on people, and this is something that can’t be overlooked. So even if someone is more masculine than feminine or vice versa, it doesn’t mean that this will shine through.

Due to the environment that they were brought up in and what has taken place in their adult years, they might have disconnected from their true nature. The role that someone plays can then have nothing to do with who they are.

The Reason

But even though there are environments where someone can become more masculine or more feminine, it could be said that the western world in general has become more feminine. This can be seen when it comes to what is valued and on the behaviours that are seen as being acceptable.

Equality, empathy, tolerance, love and inclusivity, for instance, are words that are often expressed in today’s world. One way of looking at this would be to say that the reason the western world has become more feminised is due to the fact that this is the natural state of human beings and nature itself.

Way Back

In the past, boys would go through different rituals and rites of passage in order to become men. This, then, allowed them to develop their own masculine identity; without this, it wouldn’t have taken place.

Nowadays, this is not something that really takes place for young boys – in fact, a lot of them grow up without a father. The boy is then likely to take cues from his mother when it comes to how to behave and what to believe, and this can set him up to be a people pleaser or a ‘nice guy’ – thereby setting him to live a very frustrating existence.

More of the Same

It won’t end there, though, as he is likely to end up in a school that is primarily made up of female teachers, and this will probably be the case if he goes to university. This is likely be a time when he will be expected to take on even more feminine values and behaviours (and he may even be told that men are to blame for everything and that masculinity is “toxic”).

But with that aside for the time being, it is not much of a surprise to hear that the masculine element needs to be developed whereas the feminine element just is. Everything on this planet that has been built will gradually disappear if it is not maintained, and this is the masculine element in action.

Being and Doing

Ultimately, the masculine is about doing and the feminine is about being. Thus, if a human beings natural state is feminine, it is clear to see why someone has to ‘do’ things in order to develop the their masculine aspect.

Without this action, force and drive, it can be hard to imagine what the world would look like. For example, if one wants to develop a strong and muscular body, they will need to do something on a regular basis; if they don’t do this, their body will stay the same, or it will simply return to how it was before.

Completely Misguided

So when it comes to the values that the western world promotes, there can appear to be no reason why anyone would have anything against them. Along with these values, it is not uncommon for people to believe that people have a right not to be offended.

On the surface, this can all sound so wonderful; it can seem as though the western world is evolving in the right way. Another way of looking at it would be to say that the western world has lost its way.


The western world has, in part, only been able to develop in the way it has through people being able to express their views. This is how growth and change occurs; without it, it is not possible for this to take place.

Out of the need to avoid offending someone and the consequences that may arise, one can silence themselves. This is then tantamount to one being in a car that is about to crash, but not saying anything because they don’t want to “offend” anyone – the trouble is that when it comes to a society, it can take a while for someone to realise that it has ‘crashed’.

Out of Balance

It is then irrelevant as to whether what someone has to say is the truth, as this will be of secondary importance. What probably needs to be done to balance this out is to encourage people to take responsibility for how they feel, develop self-control, and to learn how to regulate their emotions.

This is what is likely to happen when someone develops the masculine aspect within them, which will stop them from feeling victimised by what people say. One will then be able to assert themselves and to find their centre, as opposed to being tossed around by life.


Telling people that they have a right not to be offended is, in many ways, setting them up to suffer unnecessarily. What this also overlooks is the fact that whether or not someone is offended generally depends on how they interpret what has been said or done and not on what has actually been said or done.
At times, life can be tough, and what can make it even tougher is when people are conditioned to believe that other people control how they feel. It is then as if the powers that be are more concerned with controlling people than they are with empowering people.

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