It seems that there is a not a moment that goes by when someone isn’t offended about something. In fact, it could be said that this has become a competition for some people, and the person who is the most offended is the one who wins the prize.

This might not be completely accurate though, as what someone is offended about can also have an effect. There are then certain offences that will elevate them above other people.

The Prize

Now, this doesn’t mean that they will end up winning a gold medal; after all, they are not participating in some kind of sport. Yet, what they will receive is positive feedback from other people.

In addition to this, they will be able to take the moral high ground, and this is going to allow them to feel good about themselves. So, even though one has simply been offended by something or someone, it will be as if they have achieved something significant.

Moving On

But regardless of whether one sees this as some kind of competition or not, it is likely to be only a matter of time before something else presses their buttons, so to speak. One way of looking at this would be to say that they are made of ice and they live in a world that is made of fire.

The difference is that while they won’t completely disappear, they will still be affected by the world around them. Based on this, it could be said that they are the ones with the problem, and that it is not the world around them that needs to change.

A Waste of Time

If someone was to say this to them, there is the chance that it wouldn’t have much of an effect on them. What it could do is cause them to be offended, and this is then going to be another way for them to paint themselves as a victim.

Ideally, this person would look into why they have the tendency to be offended, as this would give them the chance to change their life. This would be a time when one would look into what is taking place within them.

A Choice

Through taking this approach, one might soon find that a number of things take place when they are offended. They will see that there is what they hear and then there is how they interpret it.

Said another way, the only way that what they hear can have an effect on them is if they allow to it have an effect. What this shows is how much control they have when it comes to whether or not they are offended by something.

One Part

Along with how their mind responds to what is said, there can also be what is triggered within them. For example, if one is carrying a lot for anger and shame within them, what they hear can trigger this anger and shame.

But if one is not aware of the fact that they are carrying this baggage within them, it will be normal for them to believe that how they feel is the result of what they have heard. When in reality, what exists within them is simply being brought up to the surface.


What this could relate to is what has taken place during their adult years and/or it could go back to what happened to them when they were younger. As when one has a traumatic experience, this pain is likely to stay in their body and mind unless they do something about it.

When this pain is not dealt with, it can end up being more or less impossible for them to regulate their emotions. One can end up being emotionally raw, and just about anything can ‘trigger’ them.

One Outlook

Therefore, one of the main reasons why someone would have the tendency to be affected by what other people say is because they are carrying trauma. And as so many people in the world experience life in this way, it shows that a lot of people are carrying trauma.

One way to handle this problem will be for the people who experience life in this way to get the help that they need. This would give these people the chance to experience inner peace, perhaps for the first time, and it would stop them from trying to control what people can say.

Back To Reality

There are going to be people who take this route, and then there are going to be people who don’t. If someone does take this route, it could be said that they will be the exception as opposed to the rule.

What this comes down to is that people are generally discouraged from taking responsibility for their life. The people in power realise that if you keep people in a child-like state, it is a lot easier to control them.

A Mini-Tyrant

When it comes to someone who spends a lot of time being offended, they can have the need to silence the people who offend them. These people can be labelled in some way and seen as the ones with the problem.

One can believe that they are right and the people who offended then are wrong; when in reality, it is unlikely to be this black and white. Still, there will be plenty of authority figures who are only too happy to treat them like a victim.

A Useful Fool

This can cause them to come to the conclusion that their feelings are extremely important and that the people in power care about them. Yet, if they were to take a step back, it might become clear that they are just being used.

It is not that their feelings are important or that these people care about them; it is that their behaviour has given them an indirect way to silence their fellow human beings. And as these people are being silenced, it will only be a matter of time before they are also silenced.


If the people in power actually cared about others, they would do what they can do empower them as individuals. This means that they would stop trying to control every area of their life, and to do this they would have to change.

But as these people are control freaks, it is highly unlikely that this will take place, and this is why they can’t be trusted. When they do something that seems to be for the betterment of society, there is the chance that this is nothing more than an illusion, and that they are just trying to distract people from paying attention to something else.

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