In the recent past, it has been reported that most businesses have adopted the online marketing strategy as most of the people have access to the social media platforms. This has been possible due to the continuous technological developments.

As a result of this strategy, most of these businesses have created their own websites with hundreds of bloggers posting blogs each day. Consequently, such tools as free keyword position checker, have been on high demand.

Keyword, is the word used to best describe the content in your page. Most bloggers use serp tracker free, free rank checker among others to achieve this objective. They are referred to as ‘free’ because you are not charged anything to access them.

In this article, we dig deeper in understanding about the google serp checker.

SERP, stands for Search Engine Results Page.
Google Serp Checker is an online marketing tool, which helps you check your google rankings and the SERP results by a specific location.

Serp Checking is the act of examining your performance on google and checking the health of your site in order determine the competition and plan for better websites.

Popular Google SERP Features
Whenever you use SERP to check your google rankings, you’ll realize that there are various features that appear on the page.

Here are those features and their roles:

• AdWords (top/bottom)
These are the adverts that appear at the top and/or bottom of your results at the left-hand column. A colored label with initials (Ad) is always next to it. Adverts appear depending on how relevant they are to what you’re searching for.
• Featured Snippet
This is a special class of organic results with information fetched from a page that answers the question exactly, or in the most specific way. Though only one featured snippet is shown, two or more others are offered for certain related questions.
• Image Pack
These are the results that appear in a horizontal low of images with clickable links that lead you to Google images. They appear for specific searches in which visual results would best fit.
• In-Depth Article
These are the large articles with long-form content, schema article markup, authorship markup and unique, high quality writing.
• Knowledge Card
They appear at the top of the SERP page on the desktop, indicating the data analysis of the results.
• Knowledge Panel
They appear on the right of the search results on the desktop, and they are extracted from various sources including human-edited sources.
• Local Pack
Local park is the feature that shows three locations of your search results, that are most relevant to you. It appears in the form of a map.
• Local Teaser Pack
This is a three-park showing the location of your business search results. It includes the hours of operation, images and reviews.
• Related Questions
Google provides questions, other than your search, that are related to your search results. Their position on SERP may vary.
• Reviews
Review stars and ratings are displayed between the destination URL and the snippet for recipes, products and other results.
• Shopping Results
These are paid placements of item that sell on the pages with their images shown and prices indicated.
• Site Links
When you search for a certain domain, google may provide some more site links depending on the type of the question and site traffic among other features.
• Video
Video results display thumbnails leading you to the video location.

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SERP, stands for Search Engine Results Page.
Google Serp Checker is an online marketing tool, which helps you check your google rankings and the SERP results by a specific location.